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Kidzworld Live: Let's Play Star Wars Battlefront

Nov 19, 2015

UPDATE: The live stream has ended. Thanks for watching! We've embed the archived stream further down the page for you to catch up on - there is little lag in video. Apologies, we'll get that sorted out for next time.

Hope you're ready for another Kidzworld live stream. Because this weekend's broadcast is going to be an epic one, from a galaxy far, far away.

We're playing Star Wars: Battlefront!

Tune into this very page or watch over on our Twitch channel, Saturday November 21st, 12 pm noon (PST) for all the Star Wars action you can handle.

Chat live with us as we play Star Wars: Battlefront! This Saturday!Chat live with us as we play Star Wars: Battlefront! This Saturday!Courtesy of EA/Dice

We're going up against Vader!We're going up against Vader!Courtesy of EA/Dice

Watch us pilot x-wings and tie-fighters during insane aerial combat. Feel the thrill of driving a speeder bike way too fast through Endor. Cheer when the rebel alliance takes down the empire! There will definitely be no shortage of exciting moments.

Star Wars: Battlefront Epic Hoth Montage    


If you want to chat with us live during the stream, make sure you have a twitch account and user name. You set it all up in just a few simple steps, right here. And it's totally free.

Okay, that's it for now! The video player is embedded below, ready for Saturday! We'll see you then!

Archived Stream: Let's Play Star Wars: Battlefront  


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