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Super Mario Maker Live Stream!

Oct 30, 2015

Last week we asked you all to submit your wonderful Super Mario Maker creations for us to play and you didn't disappoint!

Join us, Saturday, October 31st at 12pm [noon] pacific standard time, as we play through all the reader submitted levels and also take Super Mario Maker's "100 Mario Challenge"! 

Will we be able to conquer your levels? Or will we embarrass ourselves with repeated failure? Tune in on Halloween Day to find out!

UPDATE: the live stream has ended but we have embedded the archived stream below for you to catch up on. Thanks for watching, everyone!

Kidzworld Plays Your Mario Maker Levels!

                                       Watch live video from Kidzworld on www.twitch.tv

We're playing yuor levels, live on Twitch!We're playing yuor levels, live on Twitch!Courtesy of Nintendo

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