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Kidzworld's Nintendo NX Wants & Wishes

Dec 07, 2015

Nintendo has confirmed they are working on their next home console, currently only known as the Nintendo NX, but won't be sharing information about their latest hardware until 2016.

Being the impatient gamers we are, Kidzworld decided to list a few things we'd love to see Nintendo reveal for the launch of the Nintendo NX.

Epic 1st Party Launch Line-Up

There's no denying that an impressive line-up of titles appealing to a broad audience is a sure fire way to get people excited about new hardware. Nintendo has some of the best first party franchises available and yet, they make so few appearances. Some of which we haven't seen in over a decade -ahem, F-Zero, I'm looking at you!

Nintendo needs to bring out some big guns!Nintendo needs to bring out some big guns!Courtesy of Nintendo

Here are the first-party titles Kidzworld would be ecstatic to see on day one. And take note, when we imagine Super Mario NX, we are imagining a jaw dropping spiritual sequel to Super Mario 64. With huge, open levels, a castle filled with secrets galore and no waggle-waggle motion control in sight.

  • Super Mario NX
  • The Legend Of Zelda NX
  • Wave Race NX
  • Pilotwings NX

Pilotwings on the other hand could be a great showcase for any form of new motion control Nintendo may be cooking up. Hopefully, with an option to play with a regular controller as well.

Mature titles for the mature Nintendo fan.Mature titles for the mature Nintendo fan.Courtesy of

During the first year of the NX's (or whatever it ends up being called) life span, Kidzworld would like to see even more first-party games hit the system. One key title should be a new Metroid game made for the more mature Nintendo fan. Here's just a few titles that come to mind.

  • Metroid NX
  • Earthbound NX
  • F-Zero NX
  • Donkey Kong Country NX
  • Plus A New IP

Now You're Playing With Power

Nintendo never likes to sell a console at a loss. But maybe it's time they looked at the huge success of PlayStation 4, which has now sold over 25 million units in just 2 years and realize that people will pay top dollar for a powerful system.

Bring back the power.Bring back the power.

There was a time when Nintendo's slogan was "Now You're Playing With Power!". Nintendo had an edge to them in the late 80's and all the way through the Gamecube era. We'd like to see Nintendo grow up a little with all those gamers they created in the first place and offer a powerful console that is capable of bringing huge, imaginative worlds to life in ways we've never even dreamed of before. Power offers more than just better graphics. It also provides better artificial intelligence, physics and so much more.

Bring back the attitude!Bring back the attitude!Courtesy of Nintendo

Remember when Nintendo wowed the world with the amazing graphics of Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo? Or how stunning it was to see the Gamecube exclusive, Star Wars: Rogue Leader in action for the first time? We want to be awe-struck again by Nintendo hardware and the NX is a good place to start,

Modern Online Options

Nintendo had some great ideas with Miiverse but let's be real with ourselves here. When it comes to online gaming and interaction. Nintendo is so far behind the ball. It's time they step it up, bite the bullet and got with the times.

Nintendo's online presence could be so much greater.Nintendo's online presence could be so much greater.Courtesy of Nintendo

We want to be able to pop in a headset and easily use in-game chat or a proper Nintendo party chat system with up to a minimum of 8 friends. Live streaming support should be built into the console, with easy connection to your Twitch and Youtube channels a click away. Basically take a look at how great Xbox Live and PSN are, copy all the best parts and put the Nintendo stamp on it.

It would be awesome to pop into a Miiverse game lobby and actually watch people playing Smash Bros. live, then be able to challenge players right there with a click of a button. Nintendo could even build their own streaming network, like Twitch, just for Miiverse.

Big 3rd Party Support

Quality first party software is important. But just as important is support from all the other developers out there. Without strong support from EA, Ubisoft, Activision, etc the Nintendo Wii U has had a hard time appealing to anyone other than the die-hard Nintendo faithful. Nintendo needs to earn back third party support for their next video game console, or it could be their last.

Nintendo needs support from the biggest publishers.Nintendo needs support from the biggest publishers.Courtesy of Activision

Part of the support issues this generation comes down to the previously mentioned "power" issue. The fact of the matter is, the Wii U simply isn't powerful enough to run the latest third-party games. Batman: Arkham Knight, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 are just some of the years biggest and best games and they would bring the Wii U to its knees crying. So developers avoid it like the plague. That can't happen with the NX.

Imagine being able to play all the greatest third party games as well as Nintendo's brilliant first party titles. It would be a powerhouse of a system!

Any Time. Any Where.

Truly take your gaming on the go like never before. The Nintendo NX and the New Nintendo 3DS should be share the same universe online. All our digitally bought games should be visible on both the NX and the Nintendo 3DS with a huge amount of titles able to be streamed from the NX straight to your 3DS, with the home console doing all the heavy lifting.

The Nintendo NX and the New Nintendo 3DS should interact with each otherThe Nintendo NX and the New Nintendo 3DS should interact with each otherCourtesy of KnowYourMobile

Need to catch a bus but you haven't collected that last star in the latest Mario? No problem! Put your NX into stream mode and pull out your 3DS to finish up the level on the go.

Have Your Say!

What would you like to see from Nintendo's next home console? Let us know in the comments!