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Star Wars Battlefront Launch Infographic!

Dec 11, 2015

Star Wars Battlefront has been out for three weeks now and Electronic Arts is celebrating the successful launch by releasing some fun stats about the game so far.

Have the Rebels been winning more? Or have the Imperials been too tough to stop? Who do you think got more kills, players piloting Tie-fighters? Or those flying X-wings? Check out all the images below to find out!

Who's side are you on?Who's side are you on?Courtesy of EA

X-wings seem to have the advantage with their shields!X-wings seem to have the advantage with their shields!Courtesy of EA

Luke is getting owned by the Emperor!Luke is getting owned by the Emperor!Courtesy of EA

Han Solo is still the best pilot out there.Han Solo is still the best pilot out there.Courtesy of EA

Bring those AT-ATs crashing down!Bring those AT-ATs crashing down!Courtesy of EA

That's a lot of credits!That's a lot of credits!Courtesy of EA

People love to play as Boba Fett.People love to play as Boba Fett.Courtesy of EA

So much wreckage! So much wreckage! Courtesy of EA

Star Wars Battlefront is out now!Star Wars Battlefront is out now!Courtesy of EA

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