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Super Mario Maker's Next Update Detailed

Dec 18, 2015

Nintendo has announced three new course items and more are coming to Super Mario Maker on December 22nd via a free update. New course items include bouncy donut-like Bumpers, P Warp Doors and Fire Koopa Clown Car. The latter which will surely lead to some fantastic scrolling shoot-em-ups.

Check out the Super Mario Maker update trailer down below. 

Super Mario Maker: World Records & More!

On top of the three new course items, you'll now find some other neat information about the courses on their info page. Including the World Record holders course completion time as well as highlighting the player that cleared the level first.

Kidzworld played your Super Mario Maker levels live on Twitch and had a blast. With these latest course items added, It might be time to do it again!

Can't wait to see what Kidzworld readers create!Can't wait to see what Kidzworld readers create!Courtesy of Nintendo
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