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Kidzworld Live: Let's Play Banjo-Kazooie!

Jan 21, 2016

Kidzworld went retro this week on Twitch for Kidzworld Live and we played what many consider to be one of the best platforming video games ever made, Banjo-Kazooie!  

Banjo-Kazooie was originally released by Rare for the Nintendo 64 almost 20 years ago but we played the HD version that came out in 2008 and was recently included in the awesome Rare Replay. Watch the archived live stream below.

Kidzworld Live: Let's Play Banjo-Kazooie


Take to the skies with the help of Kazooie!Take to the skies with the help of Kazooie!Courtesy of Microsoft

Every level is chock full of mysteries.Every level is chock full of mysteries.Courtesy of Microsoft

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Will you be joining us for out Banjo-Kazooie live stream? Have you played this game before? Let us know in the comments!