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Nintendo NX Rumor Round-Up!

Jan 25, 2016

If you've been skimming the internet these past few days you may have seen some interesting rumors and speculation about the Nintendo NX swirl as surveys and reports were apparently leaked. The first rumors began when Twitter user Emily Rogers posted pics of an apparent Nintendo NX survey she got a hold of. The images of the survey have since been deleted but not before the internet grabbed ahold of the info and ran with it.

Here are the juiciest rumors and Kidzworld's thoughts on them.

Rumor: New Hand-Held Coming 2016, Console in 2017

The latest rumor in this crazy week of Nintendo news predicts the Nintendo NX will come in two parts, a home console and a new portable device. First the portable device will be released this November and then following that in 2017, the home console counterpart will be released. Nintendo Life brought this rumor front and center.

Could this be Nintendo's nexy controller? Image from 2015 patent.Could this be Nintendo's nexy controller? Image from 2015 patent.

This is Nintendo we're talking about, so any crazy idea could be a reality. Kidzworld is more inclined to think that the new portable device is in fact the new controller which is capable of doubling as the main home and a portable device. We also think if the devices were to release seperately, the home console will come first and then the new portable companion will be released shortly after for the keeners that want extra connectivity. Chances of rumor being true... 50%

Rumor: Nintendo NX Will Work With PS4

One of the more interesting rumors floating around came from Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki suggesting that the Nintendo NX could work with smart devices such as phones and tablets as well as competing consoles such as the insane selling PlayStation 4. We've seen many jump to the conclusion that somehow, you'll be able to play Nintendo NX games on competing hardware and we just don't see that happening.

We don't think you'll be playing Zelda on PS4...ever.We don't think you'll be playing Zelda on PS4...ever.

At that point, Nintendo may as well get out of the hardware game and focus on software, which won't happen any time soon. What's more likely is that Nintendo's new apps, which unify the Nintendo Network into one cohesive experience across multiple devices could be seen on PS4 - it's a no brainer on IOS devices as Nintendo has already entered that market with its first mobile game. Being able to make e-shop purchases for the Nintendo NX remotely from an app on PS4 is most likely the best chance of Nintendo and Sony making amends. Although we still don't see this happening. Chances of the NX working with PS4... 5%

Rumor: Nintendo NX Will Run Games At 900p/60fps

Nintendo fans know that Nintendo never likes to sell hardware at a loss, meaning that they also never have the most powerful hardware on the market. This rumor of Nintendo NX running at 900p and 60fps is not all that surprising but it is definitely disappointing if true, especially since Wii U already has a few games like Bayonetta 2 running at 1080p/60fps.

If the Wii U can do 60 fps at 1080p then the Nintendo NX better be able to!If the Wii U can do 60 fps at 1080p then the Nintendo NX better be able to!

Nintendo needs a powerful enough console to win back 3rd party developer support so we're hoping this rumor doesn't come to fruition. Chances of rumor being true... 70%

One of the survey images still circulating.One of the survey images still circulating.

Rumor: Nintendo NX Will Have Subscription Game Service

In the leaked survey and reports, an online service allowing access to 150 titles that will rotate regularly with new additions. This will most likely pan out. It makes sense for Nintendo, with such a huge and iconic history of games to find more ways to profit from them. If we could, let's say, pay $25 - $30 a year to have unlimited access to a vault of Nintendo games, not unlike the EA Access service on Xbox One, we would be pretty happy gamers. The rumor may not come true exactly as we would like but a video game streaming service on the NX is likely. Chances of rumor being true...  85%

If we could have access to a huge library of classics for a monthly fee it would be pretty great.If we could have access to a huge library of classics for a monthly fee it would be pretty great.

It's just a matter of time before Nintendo officially let's the cat out of the bag and gives gamers some real details. In the meantime, check out Kidzworld's NX Wants and Wishes

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