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The Witness: The First 15 Minutes & Island Boat Tour

Jan 27, 2016

Kidzworld has been playing The Witness for PlayStation 4 and PC and we can safely say now that it is a brilliant puzzle game filled with mystery and wonder.

Check out the first fifteens minutes of introductory puzzles The Witness has to offer in our video below. The early puzzles are nothing compared to the brain melting mazes players have to tackle later on in the game.

The Witness - The First 15 Minutes


The island of The Witness is actually quite large with a impressive amount of scenic variety. One moment players are in the middle of a little desert, the next running through thick jungle and just after that perhaps deep underground, below an old Windmill. The world of The Witness explodes with color at every turn. 

We recorded a peaceful lap around the entire island to give players a sense of the scope and beauty of The Witness. Enjoy!

The Witness - Island Boat Tour


The Witness was thought to be coming to Xbox One sooner rather than later but the developers squashed that idea.

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