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Disney Infinity Next: Spring 2016

Apr 25, 2018

The team behind the incredible Disney Infinity 3.0 has decided to bring fans episodic content showcasing some of the great additions that will be coming to the game in the near future.

The directors, producers and talented artists that bring the latest entry in the Disney Infinity series to life all get in on the fun! So don't miss this one!

Disney Infinity Next: Spring 2016


"You’ve asked for a wider variety of content, across a wide variety of brands with each Play Set, and that’s what we’re committed to delivering. So, in 2016, we are focusing our development efforts on adding more Play Sets and characters – based on the biggest events coming from Disney this year – to the 3.0 Edition." says the creators.

They go on to say that Disney Infinity 3.0 fans can expect at least one new new play set from each of Disney's four core brands. Star Wars, Pixar, Disney and Marvel.

That's not all, Disney Interactive Studios has also released the official launch trailer for the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set which features your favorite Marvel heroes doing what they do best. Give it a watch, below!

Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set Launch Trailer


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