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Why You Should Never Count Nintendo Out

Mar 24, 2016

With the dominance of the PlayStation 4 (and its upcoming virtual reality headset) in the current market followed by the well selling Xbox One plus the fact that Nintendo's Wii U is selling horribly. Many out there are writing off Nintendo's upcoming hardware, currently called the Nintendo NX, before it has even officially been revealed. Kidzworld thinks under estimating Nintendo at this point is a mistake and here's why.

They've Comeback Before

Losing market share and then gaining it back is not a new concept to Nintendo. Since the release of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), each console release of Nintendo's sold a little less than the previous. That streak ended with the Nintendo Gamecube, their poorest selling home console at the time. Nintendo then went back to the drawing board and figured out how to make a splash in a big way. The Nintendo Wii went on to become Nintendo's greatest selling home console by a large margin and the 3rd best selling home console of all time with a whopping 101.6 Million units sold.

Nintendo's Wii U is ultimately a failure as far as unit sales go at the moment but rest assured, Nintendo certainly won't be resting on their laurels. If history has taught us anything, Nintendo knows how to comeback in big way.

The Wii was a huge Nintendo comeback after the poor selling Gamecube.The Wii was a huge Nintendo comeback after the poor selling Gamecube.Courtesy of Nintendo

They Think Outside The Box

Nintendo doesn't really like to follow the leader. They prefer to go off the beaten path, experiment and forge their own ideas. They brought analog controls to home consoles with the Nintendo 64, glasses free 3D to portable gaming with the Nintendo 3DS and dual screen asymmetric gameplay with the Wii U. That's what is exciting about them. We don't really need another box in our house that does exactly the same thing PS4 and Xbox One do. The only console manufacturer brave enough to truly deliver something we ourselves can't even imagine yet is Nintendo.

Nintendo is holding its cards close to chest when it comes to their next home console, the Nintendo NX. We expect this is not because they lack confidence in the machine's potential success but rather that a simple Nintendo Direct video will not suffice in explaining and demonstrating what the machine can truly do. Instead, they'll opt to fully reveal it at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June where people can get up close and personal demonstrations of the NX's power and uniqueness.

Nintendo always likes to think outside the box.Nintendo always likes to think outside the box.Courtesy of Nintendo

Brand Strength

No other console manufacturer as a stable of properties more mass market friendly than Nintendo. With recognizable brands such as Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Samus Aran, Kirby, Pokemon and more. Nintendo can get the young audience excited just as much as they can the older gamers they created. All that's truly needed is for Nintendo to win back thirdy-party support which the Wii U was severely lacking. Can you imagine how appealing a console would be if it not only had all of Nintendo's cherished family friendly brands available but also massively popular titles like Call Of Duty and Fallout?

Amiibo's prove the popularity of Nintendo's characters. These collectible figures which work in tandem with many games on Wii U and 3DS have sold through the roof. Generating an insane amount of money for Nintendo. To this day, some amiibo's are ridiculously hard to get your hands on.

Amiibos prove Nintendo's characters are still loved.Amiibos prove Nintendo's characters are still loved.Courtesy of amiibodojo

You can read what Kidzworld would love to see from the Nintendo NX when it launches right here and also check out our look at the history of Nintendo!

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