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Mario Comes To Minecraft For Wii U

May 12, 2016

By: Max Cannon

Mario makes his way into Minecraft if you're lucky enough to own a Wii U! Launching on May 17th, Minecraft will be releasing the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack for free with the Wii U version of the game. According to a press release from Nintendo this pack includes "immediate access to new skins, a Super Mario-themed pre-made world, and a set of Super Mario-themed music and item textures, all inspired by games in the iconic Super Mario Bros. series, such as Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Sunshine." 

This means you can run through Mario maps or create your very own! A trailer was released to follow the announcement that showcased new character skins including Mario, Luigi, Peach, Wario and many more!  The new textures allow you to view the world as if it was the Mushroom Kingdom or even Delfino Plaza from Super Mario Sunshine on the Gamecube!

Super Mario Mash-Up Pack For Minecraft - Wii U Edition


A Surprising Addition 

Minecraft has received several exclusive texture packs for a variety of different platforms. On PlayStation, for example, you can play as Nathan Drake or Ratchet and Clank and on Xbox One you could play as the Master Chief from Halo.  

Fire Mario jumps into action on the Wii U!Fire Mario jumps into action on the Wii U!Courtesy of Nintendo

Speaking of Master Chief, this release is a little surprising. Early in 2015, Microsoft purchased Mojang, the development team of Minecraft, for a famously high $2.5 billion. As Nintendo is a direct competitor with Microsoft, it's interesting that they would put time and resources into the creation of this exclusive DLC pack. Though, they did release a version of the game on the PlayStation Vita and Sony is definitely a more direct competitor than Nintendo these days.

Princess Peach's castle from Super Mario 64 makes a return!Princess Peach's castle from Super Mario 64 makes a return!Courtesy of Nintendo

Regardless of who owns who, it's very exciting to play as Mario in Minecraft. And who could say no to a FREE update? The Super Mario Mash-Up Pack For Minecraft comes to Wii U on May 17th, and the physical release of Minecraft on Wii U will hit store shelves a month later on June 17th for $29.99. 

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