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Destiny Update To Be Announced Before E3

Jun 03, 2016

By: Max Cannon

Destiny will be getting a massive update soon and, rather than wait for an E3 show to announce it, Bungie will make their announcement on Thursday, June 9th. The "Destiny Reveal Stream" will start a 10 A.M PT on Bungie's Twitch channel. Bungie has said they'll be telling "all about the next threat you'll confront as Guardians." There's a lot of possibilities for this stream as Destiny hasn't received a big update in awhile.

Destiny's last major update was The Taken King, about 9 months ago.Destiny's last major update was The Taken King, about 9 months ago.Courtesy of Activision

A New Game or A New Expansion?

The last thing we saw from Destiny, aside from the daily and weekly updates, was the release of The Taken King an awesome DLC/expansion for the game. And though the main release of the game was under some critical scrutiny the release of The Taken King was so well received that it rejuvenated hype in the series. There have been recent leaks that have shown a new expansion for the game called Rise of Iron. Though it's not officially happening, it seems like the most likely thing to come of this announcement stream. Rumors have always suggested a potential September release this year which would coincide with last year's September release of The Taken King

The possibility exists that we could see a bit of news about the inevitable Destiny 2. A leak of documents from the Destiny publisher, Activision, showed that Destiny's follow up would release in 2017, and though those documents are older it would make sense to give the team a 3 year development cycle. My speculation is that we will get a hint of Destiny 2 at the end of this stream and we'll get even more information at Sony's E3 press conference

The recently leaked Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron.The recently leaked Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron.Courtesy of Polygon

Sony has exclusive marketing rights with Destiny, which means that any Destiny announcements, advertisements, or exclusive content will be shown with an emphasis on PlayStation. Even though the game will also release on Microsoft's consoles, Destiny can only show PlayStation gameplay. And as commercially successful as Destiny was it would be pretty surprising if Sony didn't want to show off the anticipated new game.

Have Your Say!

Are you a big fan of Destiny? Have you played any of the expansions? Will you get Destiny 2 or Rise of Iron? Comment below!