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Ubisoft's E3 2016 Press Conference Recap

Jun 20, 2016

By: Max Cannon

Ubisoft has "won" the last several E3's with Rainbow Six: Siege, Watch_Dogs, and more. What can they bring to the table this time? Well, I'm hoping for a new Splinter Cell but I'm not holding my breath. Though I do expect to be wowed by Ghost Recon: Wildlands, more Watch Dogs 2 footage, and maybe a look at the new South Park game with a release date. Let's see what they have in store!

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands Comes Out March 2017

Equal parts Far Cry and Grand Theft AutoGhost Recon: Wildlands is the continuation of the series which last ended with Ghost Recon: Future Solider last generation. First revealed last year, this reboot shifts the series to a cooperative open-world environment. A mix of stealth, third person shooting and driving makes up the gameplay. 

As is typical with most Ubisoft shows, we saw a very staged demo with an uncomfortable use of forced voice chat. The graphics suffered a downgrade from last year, which was to be expected. However the gameplay looks as exciting as ever with an emphasis on teamwork and the ability to play however you want. Look forward to the game in March of next year.

Ghost Recon returns to consoles with an open-world setting.Ghost Recon returns to consoles with an open-world setting.Courtesy of Ubisoft

Eagles and Star Trek Come to VR

Ubisoft is dipping its toes into Virtual Reality games and showed off an onstage demo for two new games. The first game shown off was Eagle Flightwhich is exactly what it sounds like. Using a setting similar to Assassin's Creed: Unity's Paris, you'll control an eagle to fly through rings. It's a pretty basic game but the use of VR could really set it apart.

The next game, Star Trek: Bridge, was far more interesting. In a team of 4 people, you'll take charge of the famous Enterprise star ship from the Star Trek series. Working together to navigate, bring things on screen, and correct your course through space you'll team up to ship out in this 4 player game which really takes advantage of the potential immersion of VR.

Star Trek: Bridge looks to socialize VR.Star Trek: Bridge looks to socialize VR.Courtesy of Polygon

For Honor, Watch_Dogs 2, and Steep Close Out The Show

Things wrapped up slowly with a long look at 3 upcoming titles. The first was For Honor, a Dark Souls style hack n' slash game set in multiple different time periods. The game was revealed last year and shown off again alongside a cinematic trailer this year. For Honor will release on Valentine's Day of 2017.

We got our next look at Watch Dogs 2 during the conference. Though much of this was already shown of during last week's Twitch event we got a deeper look at a mission in action. The city and characters feel much more vibrant than the original game though the mechanics seem relatively unchanged. We can also look forward to a Watch Dogs movie, though no date was given on that. The game will release on November 15, 2016.

And finally, the show was closed out with Steep. Steep is a snowboarding game with an open world setting. It's definitely a pretty game and it seems to be taking a page from PS2's SSX 3. Check out the trailer below!


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