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EA's E3 2016 Press Conference Recap

Jun 12, 2016

By: Max Cannon

E3 is officially here! It all kicks of with EA's big conference. You can check out all the big highlights here. My predictions are that we'll see 2 new Star Wars games, the new Titanfall, maybe a look at Mass Effect, and undoubtedly some time will be spent with EA Sports. Let's see what's officially confirmed!

Titanfall 2 Has a Single Player Campaign and Release Date


The single player campaign for Titanfall 2 leaked a little early, and it looks really, really good. The team at Respawn Entertainment originally created Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 at Infinity Ward before moving to Titanfall. Seeing how beloved those Call of Duty games are for both their single player and multiplayer aspects it has me really excited for what to expect from this team.

Titanfall 2's release date of October 28, 2016 isn't very far off. With less than 6 months to release I'd expect to see even more about the game soon. Titanfall was originally an Xbox/PC exclusive that only featured multiplayer. This new one shakes all of that while releasing on PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One and PC. 

The Titanfall 2 cover for the upcoming game!The Titanfall 2 cover for the upcoming game!Courtesy of Electronic Arts

The Annual EA Sports Update and A Look at E-Sports 

A quick trailer showed a look at Madden 2017, it looked as gorgeous as over. Peter Moore, CEO of EA, boasted the new commentary team and a new emphasis on E-Sports. An awesome trailer released to show off Fifa '17 which took a look at the game over the past couple of decades. What sets this game apart from the past entries is an actual single player campaign with a full story. 

The new E-Sports events run by EA will feature 3 new ways to play: Challenger mode, Premier, and EA Major. The new focus on E-Sports takes a deeper look at the players specifically and shows the life of a full time video game player. A tournament, the Madden Challenge, will take place during EA Play in LA this weekend. This weekend's competiton will give the winner $50,000 but EA upped the stakes by announcing the Madden 2017 Challenge which will offer the winner one million dollars.

Madden 2017 looks absolutely gorgeous.Madden 2017 looks absolutely gorgeous.Courtesy of Electronic Arts

Mass Effect: Andromeda Runs on The Gorgeous Frostbite Engine

Mass Effect: Andromeda takes players out of the Milky Way into the Andromeda Galaxy. The game looks spectacular and brings back the Mako vehicle from earlier games. What's really interesting is that the game runs on the Frostbite engine. Frostbite was created by DICE, the team behind Battlefield, Battlefront, and Mirror's Edge.

There's not too much to say that the trailer itself can't show you. Check it out!


EA Opens a New Studio With The New Game Fe

EA Originals is a new studio that focuses on helping smaller teams make more original games. Based on the success ofUnravel, EA Originals will give all of their profits back to the development team and will assist with everything from creation to publishing.

The first game to officially kick off the new studio is FeFe has the player playing as a small cub of an unknown creature, he makes his way through his forest looking for his purpose and hiding from those who intend to harm him. The game is fully open and won't give the players any instruction in hopes to force the player to entirely learn how to play on their own. It reminds me of a 3D version of Ori and The Blind Forest.

Fe seems to take ideas from Ori and The Blind Forest.Fe seems to take ideas from Ori and The Blind Forest.

Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars

Respawn Entertainment, DICE, Visceral, Motive Studios, and Bioware ALL have Star Wars games in development. EA is listening to what people have to say and is adding content from the new movies into Star Wars: Battlefront. We even got a short look at Amy Hennig's game from Visceral and though it was incredibly short it definitely wowed. 

Though there wasn't much to expect this year, aside from Battlefront, we got a timeline for a lot of upcoming games, including a 2018 release date for Visceral's game. We have a quick look at their video below.


Battlefield 1's Destruction is Back

Assuming this in-engine footage is representative of the actual game, we may be looking at one of the greatest looking games of all time. Battlefield is known for having crazily huge battles and this game will continue the tradition of having 64 player battles which they showed off in a massive live battle.

From the trailer released earlier this month, which is the most liked YouTube trailer of all time, we saw the game will take place during World War 1 - hence the title. Dynamic weather heads to the game, meaning the weather will change every single round. A focus on vehicles is a Battlefield staple and the addition of blimps, biplanes, trains and horses will heighten the experience. Have a look at the new gameplay trailer.

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Phew, that's a lot. What has you excited, what would you like to see more of? Comment below!