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How To Master Pokémon Go

July 22, 2016

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By: Max Cannon

Pokémon Go has taken over the world - it's the 90's all over again - and the game can be a little confusing to get a handle on. Take a look at these tips to take your first steps in becoming a Pokémon Master.

Turn On Battery Saver

In addition to using the "Low-Power Mode" you may or may not have on your phone, Pokémon Go has its own "Battery Saver" hidden in the game settings. Some players are saying that this has doubled their battery life when playing the game. 

To find the option tap the Pokéball on the bottom-center of the screen. Then on the top left you'll tap on the gear icon that's labeled "Settings" to find the option to select "Battery Saver."

Pokémon Go's Battery Saver mode can help you get that last Pokémon.Pokémon Go's Battery Saver mode can help you get that last Pokémon.Courtesy of iMore

​Throw Curveballs When Catching Pokémon

Playing Pokémon Go is all about catching as many Pokémon as possible and leveling up your trainer by gaining XP. Catching Pokémon, seeing Pokémon you've never seen before, or evolving your Pokémon are just some of the great ways to acquire XP.

But there are small ways to get ahold of a little XP every time you catch a Pokémon. If you spin your Pokéball in a circle before throwing it it'll curve at an angle. If you time that with your throw and get a direct hit on your target you'll net yourself an extra 10 XP, not too much but it adds up after playing a lot.

Throwing a curveball nets you a small bonus in Pokémon Go.Throwing a curveball nets you a small bonus in Pokémon Go.Courtesy of Android Central

Catch Everything!

Even if you already have a million Rattatas, Pidgeys, or Doduos it's still worth your time to catch a Pokémon you already have. In addition to snagging the XP from getting a successful capture you'll also get your hands on a candy you can feed that specific Pokémon - i.e. Rattata Candy or Pikachu Candy. 

Each time you recapture a Pokémon you can also give that extra one to Professor Willow by tapping the "Transfer" button. Transferring a Pokémon to the Professor will also net you a candy. Getting enough candies will let you evolve your Pokemon so it's important to get your hands on as many candies as you can. 

Transfering your Pokémon is the best way to level up and evolve.Transfering your Pokémon is the best way to level up and evolve.Courtesy of BGR
Have Your Say!

What are your tips to being successful at Pokémon Go? What's your favorite Pokémon you've caught? Leave your comments below!