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What's Changed About Pokemon Go?

Sep 13, 2016

By: Max Cannon

Pokémon Go took the world by storm upon its release. Catching Pokémon in the real world was as exciting for newcomers as it was gamers reliving their childhoods. However things weren't totally perfect and players certainly saw room for improvement, luckily the developers at Niantic also saw that potential for change. Here are 3 of the best changes made to Pokémon Go since the first release.

1. Shutting Down The Cheaters

The social aspect of Pokémon Go is part of the game's draw. Sharing captures with your friends encourages players to keep booting up the game, day after day. However, players were often cheating by hatching, catching, and upgrading Pokémon in ways outside of the rules set by Niantic. This is a huge bummer for players looking to compete against their friends to catch bigger and better Pokémon as it makes the fun and friendly competition totally pointless. 

Luckily, Niantic took steps to cut down on the cheaters. Players who are found cheating will see their account removed and banned from signing back up to the game. If a player feels like they were unfairly banned from the game, they can report it to the team working on Pokémon Go and get back into the game. 

Cheaters will no longer be able to trick the pedometer in their cars.Cheaters will no longer be able to trick the pedometer in their cars.Courtesy of Phandroid

2. The Buddy System

The "Pokémon" TV series was a big part in getting kids hooked on the franchise. Seeing Ash run around with his Pikachu on his shoulder made many a kid jealous back in the day. With the Buddy System, Pokémon Go lets the player choose one of their owned Pokémon to "follow" the trainer outside of its Poké Ball.

This new system allows the Pokémon to level up quicker by earning special Rare Candies as the player walks. The more candies you acquire the more you can level up your buddy Pokémon. While this update is new, it's a little barebones at the moment. However I would assume that more changes will be coming to the Buddy System, if this update will progress as much as the main game I expect bigger and better things in the future.

A look at Pokémon Go's Buddy System.A look at Pokémon Go's Buddy System.Courtesy of BGR

3. Pokémon Go Plus 

Pokémon Go pounds through the battery life on your mobile device and though you can activate a Battery Saver mode you'll still need the game to be turned on to make progress. If you want your in game pedometer to work you'll need to keep the game on and active, which can definitely be a burden.

Pokémon Go Plus is a Bluetooth enabled accessory that is low energy and allows you to keep your phone put away and in your pocket. You can keep catching Pokémon and even snag items at PokéStops just as you would in the main game. The small Poké Ball shaped device can fit in the palm of your hand and will vibrate when near Pokémon or items so you don't have to keep your eyes glued to your screen throughout the day. Pokémon Go Plus isn't available yet but will be on September 16th. 

Pokémon Go Plus will cut down on your phone's energy usage.Pokémon Go Plus will cut down on your phone's energy usage.Courtesy of Nintendo
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