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Mods Are Coming To Skyrim: Special Edition

Oct 25, 2016

By: Max Cannon

Despite Bethesda initially saying otherwise, mods will be coming to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with copies of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. After announcing that consoles would receive mod support for both Fallout 4 and Skyrim, developer Bethesda was unable to come to a deal with Sony and the mod updates were canceled for both games on PlayStation - mods have existed for Fallout 4 on Xbox One for months. 

The Angry Internet Saves PlayStation Mod Support

However after Bethesda made a blog post airing the dirty laundry between themselves and Sony, which suggested that Sony was the roadblock stopping mods from coming to the PlayStation, the internet was not happy. Following the upset internet's blind fury, the two have worked out a deal and we can expect to see support for both platforms according to an announcement from Sony and Bethesda

For those uninformed, mods are typically only available on PC because they're essentially hacks to your game. Mods, or modifications, are changes made to key elements of the game. They range from anything like replacing colors, sounds, characters, to changing small subtle things with big impacts like the ability to jump higher, run faster, and carry more. While the main game you're playing was created by a development team most mods are created by players that are separate from the main team. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim had one of the most active modding communities following its initial release in 2011 so its support to consoles is a big deal.


PlayStation Mods Work Differently Than Xbox's

You'll need to download your mods to actually use them, regardless of your platform. Xbox's mods will let players download new textures and other assets to the game, while PlayStation players are only able to download mods that change things that are already in the game. Mods on Microsoft's console are allowed up to 5 gigabytes of space, but PlayStation 4 is only permitted to download a single gigabyte of new content. The smaller size on PlayStation isn't that big of a deal because you won't need very much space, seeing as you're only downloading information to change content already in your game. Xbox will need the higher potential space because they're able to download totally new assets into the game that were never actually there to begin with. 

While disappointing, this is better than nothing for PlayStation players. Many of Xbox's most successful mods involve these newer assets so things like changing seasons, importing new characters, and adding new dialogue options aren't going to be available on Sony's platform. Though mods haven't come to Fallout 4 yet, they will more than likely have the same restrictions as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition will on PlayStation.

Downloadable mods on Xbox One for Fallout 4.Downloadable mods on Xbox One for Fallout 4.Courtesy of Forbes

So if mods are an important part of your gaming experience, you'll need to pick the game up on Xbox or just stick to the birthplace of modding on PC.

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