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The Best Dogs In Video Games

Feb 17, 2016

As amazing as dogs are, the furry species we all love so much is very under represented in video games. The fact of the matter is, dogs simply aren't included as integral pieces to the gameplay as often as Kidzworld would like. It got us thinking about some of our favorite dogs in video games, so much so, we just had to share our favorites with you all.

In no particular order, here are some of the dogs (and wolves!) in video games that have really stood out over the years!


Amaterasu appeared in a very under played PS2 title, Okami. Amaterasu is actually a sun goddess that took the form of the powerful white wolf in order to save the land from darkness.

Amaterasu is actually a sun goddess!Amaterasu is actually a sun goddess!Courtesy of ironmanwristwatch.deviantart


D-Dog is one of the most versatile buddies you can have in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Found as a puppy, with only one eye. Big Boss adopts D-Dog, nursing him to good health and training him well. Once he is full grown, D-Dog can not only mark enemies, but can actually be used for some sneaky kills. He can also locate dangerous objects in the ground such as mines.

D-Dog out on a mission with Big Boss.D-Dog out on a mission with Big Boss.Courtesy of Konami


Grand Theft Auto V is a game so rich with life and details that it would be a glaring omission to not let you have your own dog. Enter Chop, a feisty rottweiler owned by the character Lamar Davis. The best part about Chop is that you get to train him yourself on your smart phone with mini-games. If you'd rather have be a wild beast as you stroll Los Santos, though, that's okay too...

Chop can be a little bit of a trouble maker, just like Lamar.Chop can be a little bit of a trouble maker, just like Lamar.Courtesy of Rockstar


Ah Dogmeat, our trusty saddle bag in Fallout 4. Just kidding! No but really, Dogmeat is probably one of the most loving dogs on this list. He really does adore you as the player and will stick by your side through thick and thin. And yes, as an added bonus, he can carry all the junk you collect while scavenging the wastelands.

Dogmeat wearing some slick goggles and a bandana!Dogmeat wearing some slick goggles and a bandana!Courtesy of Bethesda

Parappa The Rapper

Now we're getting weird. Parappa makes the list for the most obvious reason ever! He can talk and rap! Parappa The Rapper originally released on PS1 before rhythm games really blew up thanks to Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Kidzworld thinks it's time for Parappa The Rapper to make a return to video game stardom.

A rapping dog? You betcha! Parappa was pretty cool in the 90's!A rapping dog? You betcha! Parappa was pretty cool in the 90's!Courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment


When you're a cop on the mean streets of Grant City, you better have a good side kick and there aren't many suited for the job more than Shadow. Shadow first appeared in Dead To Rights back during the original Xbox and PS2 days. Not only will Shadow take down your enemies, he will also carry their dropped weapons and ammo back for you to use.

Shadow is the best partner a cop could ask for.Shadow is the best partner a cop could ask for.Courtesy of wired.com

General Pepper

Like Parappa The Rapper, General Pepper can walk and talk. He may not be able to rap but instead has the ability to command a troupe of excellent star fighters. The crew of Star Fox 64 3D! Without General Pepper's guidance, Fox McCloud and his team would be space dust.

General Pepper guides the Star Fox team into action.General Pepper guides the Star Fox team into action.Courtesy of starfox.wikia

Wolf Link

Okay, so Wolf Link wasn't always a wolf but he still counts! In The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Link is magically transformed into a wolf for much of his adventure. While in wolf form, Link cannot use his weapon and items but has the power to talk to animals. Luckily, Midna rides his back to help out with attacking his enemies.

Link is turned into a Wolf for much of Twilight Princess.Link is turned into a Wolf for much of Twilight Princess.Courtesy of Nintendo
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