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Kidzworld Plays Minecraft Skywars!

Feb 17, 2016

Kidzworld has a new Minecraft expert named Anthony and he is going to be bringing you all some great content in the near future. Including tips and tricks, new looks at mods and the latest user created mini-modes.

Just to get himself warmed up, Anthony has booted up a little Skywars! One of the latest and craziest Minecraft mini-games which is described as The Hunger Games crossed with Skyblock!

Kidzworld Plays Minecraft Skywars!


If you would like to download the Skywars Mod for yourself, you can find it right here! Remember, mods only work on the PC version. Not the home console versions.

Minecraft recently released on Nintendo's Wii U making it available on basically every platform imaginable now. For more on Minecraft, check out Kidzworld's Top 10 Minecraft Mods!


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