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November 2016's Geek Fuel Subscription

Nov 17, 2016

By: Max Cannon

Every month Geek Fuel sends out a subscription box full of swag that has something for every nerd out there. From comics to gaming and everything in between, there's going to be something that tickles your fancy with Geek Fuel - including a free Steam download every month. Check out what we got our hands on this month, and if you're interested in signing up yourself just head over to www.geekfuel.com.

Everything you can get your hands on in this month's Geek Fuel subscription.Everything you can get your hands on in this month's Geek Fuel subscription.Courtesy of My Subscription Addiction

November's Geek Fuel Box

A slew of goodies are waiting for you in this month's box, some awesome swag and clothing. A couple of rad DC Comics themed mugs and a pretty rad Steam game include just some of this month's selections. Oh and big thanks to My Subscription Addiction for their pictures. 

First off, an awesome "Futurama" shirt is thrown in for all of your Bender fans out there. But that isn't the only way you'll be able to keep warm. Some awesome Guardians of The Galaxy socks (in an exclusive Geek Fuel box) made their way into the subscription, with a pair and a spare totaling up to 3 socks - perfect for replacing that one missing sock. 

The design on the Futurama shirt.The design on the Futurama shirt.Courtesy of My Subscription Addiction

Guardians of The Galaxy trio of socks.Guardians of The Galaxy trio of socks.Courtesy of My Subscription Addiction

Drink up with a pair of classic DC themed coffee mugs. Both Wonder Woman and Batman to show your pride for your favorite heroes. If you like your heroes with a little less "super," you can show off your pride with a Geek Fuel/Indiana Jones exclusive pin, because no one is a better hero than Indiana Jones.

An Indiana Jones inspired version of the Geek Fuel mascot, in pin form.An Indiana Jones inspired version of the Geek Fuel mascot, in pin form.Courtesy of My Subscription Addiction

For the Batman fans...For the Batman fans...Courtesy of My Subscription Addiction

And for the Wonder Woman fans.And for the Wonder Woman fans.Courtesy of My Subscription Addiction

Finally, an awesome looking Steam game: Dandy. An auto/sidescrolling shooter that's art style reminds me of the original Rayman game on the PlayStation One, shout out to the Candy Chateau level

Dandy - Steam Release Trailer

Really an awesome month to check out Geek Fuel. It was my first subscription and I was pleasantly surprised with what I got. If you're interested check out www.geekfuel.com!

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