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December 2016's Geek Fuel Subscription

Dec 21, 2016

By: Max Cannon

Every month Geek Fuel sends out a subscription box full of swag that has something for every nerd out there. From comics to gaming and everything in between, there's going to be something that tickles your fancy with Geek Fuel - including a free Steam download every month. Check out what we got our hands on this month, and if you're interested in signing up yourself just head over to www.geekfuel.com.

Everything you can get your hands on in this month's Geek Fuel subscription.Everything you can get your hands on in this month's Geek Fuel subscription.Courtesy of Hello Subscription

December's Geek Fuel Box

A lot of sci-fi in this month's box! A couple of nerdy fashion accessories and something that can add a little personality to your Christmas presents. Steam's accompanying game falls on the other end of the spectrum, pretty far from sci-fi. And a neat coffee table book for any Marvel fans. 

If you're a Robocop​ fan then you'll love this month's shirt! The exclusive shirt shows off the ED-209 Urban Pacification Unit, for striking fear into any civilians breaking the law. For this colder time of year, you can be the most fashionable student from Gryffindor with this Harry Potter inspired scarf. 

Geek Fuel's shirt for December.Geek Fuel's shirt for December.Courtesy of Hello Subscription

Wizard Wear's Scarf.Wizard Wear's Scarf.Courtesy of Hello Subscription

Nothing is better for wrapping up a video game for that special someone than video game themed wrapping paper. You'll get multiple colors and can select from themes based on The Legend of Zelda, Megaman, or Super Mario Bros. If your nerdiness isn't in video gaming than you can show it off with Geek Fuel's Star Wars themed pin.

Gaming Gift Wrap.Gaming Gift Wrap.Courtesy of Hello Subcription

Geek Fuel's Star Wars Themed Pin.Geek Fuel's Star Wars Themed Pin.Courtesy of Hello Subcription

This month we also were able to get our hands on an awesome coffee table book showing off Marvel's Thor! Take a look at the evolution of this modern hero. And this month's Steam game, Caveman Craig, is a survivalist/RTS in a sidescrolling prehistoric world.

The World According to ThorThe World According to ThorCourtesy of Hello Subscription

Caveman Craig - Gameplay Trailer


This December has been a great month for Geek Fuel subscribers. I've already put my Megaman gift wrap to good use. If you're looking to get in on the service you can head over to www.geekfuel.com.

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