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Super Mario Run Releases On iOS

Dec 18, 2016

By: Max Cannon

Super Mario Run is finally here and Nintendo's first real game has finally hit mobile phones or at least Apple devices. Not only is it good but it actually has some depth and replayability. And most shockingly, it actually feels like a legitimate Nintendo game.

Super Mario Run dashes through classic Mario worlds.Super Mario Run dashes through classic Mario worlds.Courtesy of Engadget

Tap To Jump

Super Mario Run is a pretty simple game to play. Mario moves automatically and you simply tap the screen to make him jump. Collecting coins, mushrooms, and jumping off of enemies will score you points and keep up Mario's momentum. Though it's pretty straight forward to play, there's challenge in both of the main modes. The main campaign, or World Tour, is a bite sized version of your standard Super Mario game. Through the six worlds you'll run through three levels before wrapping up against a boss.

The newest Mario game is styled after the "NEW" Super Mario Bros games.The newest Mario game is styled after the "NEW" Super Mario Bros games.Courtesy of CNN Money

Some of that aforementioned replayability comes by collecting special colored coins in each level. Your first playthrough will yield pink coins, after collecting all 5 in a single run the purple coins will be available, and after those 5 will be 5 more black coins - that can be pretty challenging to get their hands on. So while the main World Tour may be short it is more than made up for by collecting these colorful coins. 

Super Mario Run - Gameplay Trailer

If you're looking to get a little more competitive than you can step into Toad Tour which is all about collecting different colored toads which can be used in the Kingdom Builder modes. Different colored toads will let you build different houses which will unlock different characters to play as. Not only is it about unlocking new characters and colors but it lets you compete against other players and your friends!

Coins To Entry

While the game may be free to download it'll only get you the first trio of levels, after that you'll need to drop $9.99 to keep playing the game. Some gamers may be upset to see that but I'd say it's definitely worth the cost of entry - and I mean come on, does every gamer want everything for free?

This is Nintendo's first major game to hit the mobile space, excluding Miitomo (which wasn't a traditional game) and Pokémon Go (which wasn't actually developed by Nintendo.) If this is a sign of things to come than I am very happy with the direction Nintendo is taking. Many believe this is the first step of Nintendo's to making their games avaialble on non-Nintendo consoles. That's some wishful thinking but Nintendo did famously respond "absolutely not" when asked if their games would ever be on phones. So anything can happen!

Bowser's castle is a staple of Mario games that can't be left out of Super Mario Run!Bowser's castle is a staple of Mario games that can't be left out of Super Mario Run!Courtesy of The AV Club

While Super Mario Run will probably come to Android at some point, there isn't an official release date from Nintendo for any non-iOS release dates. So if you're going to stick it out and wait for Android you may be waiting for awhile or maybe not that long at all! Who knows?! Come on, Nintendo! Give us some answers!

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So have you been playing Super Mario Run? What other games would you like to see go mobile? Share your thoughts below!