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Injustice 2 Gets Some Girl Power in a New Trailer

Feb 14, 2017

By: Max Cannon

Injustice 2 is hitting store shelves on May 16th, 2017 but we still have lots of questions about characters. The final game is certainly going to have a huge roster of playable fighters and we've gotten our look at a handful of new additions in a new trailer.

Here Come The Girls

In the new Injustice 2 trailer, which is titled "Here Come The Girls. Here's what the game's developer, NetherRealm Studios, had to say in a press release.

"Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today unveiled a brand new Injustice 2 trailer celebrating some of the DC Universe’s most iconic female Super Heroes and Super-Villains. The action-packed trailer reveals Cheetah and Catwoman, along with a first look at Poison Ivy gameplay. Players can witness these fan favorite characters duke it out with the likes of Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Batman, Swamp Thing and other Injustice 2 powerhouses – proving that each these formidable ladies is a force to be reckoned with."

Check out the new trailer below!

Official Injustice 2 - Here Come The Girls Trailer


Who Else Are We Missing?

On Injustice 2's website, readers can find a list of every confirmed fighter and a lock over any unannounced characters. There are 20 locks left so it's fair to assume that those will be the remaining characters to release at launch, fingers crossed they're not hidden DLC characters.

We've had a lot of confirmations, but what are some notable exceptions from the lineup?

Catwoman's new look in Injustice 2.Catwoman's new look in Injustice 2.

I think the obvious hole would be any character that's part of the DC Cinematic Universe, and the smaller TV-verse. Cyborg and Green Arrow will be more than likely to make their way into the game even though they're currently absent from the roster but the success of the "Arrow" TV Show and the inclusion of Cyborg in Batman v Superman has to mean something. Though he hasn't gotten a movie yet, we also haven't gotten a confirmation about Green Lantern, I'm willing to stake every possession I own on a wager that Green Lantern will wind up in the game.

These are all heroes though! Which villains are we likely to see in the game? You can't have a fighting game without Batman's nemesis: The Joker. He's nowhere to be seen on the roster but his silhouette is shown in an earlier trailer. He's gotta show up, especially with the inclusion of Harley Quinn in her Suicide Squad outfit. Aside from that obvious omission the game seems to be short on non-Batman/Superman villains, we've got Bane, Brainiac, and Darkseid (as a preorder bonus.) But where are the other foils to our other heroes? Bring back Sinestro and my personal favorite Injustice villain, Lex Luthor!

Wonder Woman returns to Injustice.Wonder Woman returns to Injustice.

Injustice 2 hits PS4 and Xbox One and May 16th later this year.

Have Your Say!

Are you looking forward to Injustice 2? Which characters have you most excited and who else would you like to see added to the game? Share your thoughts below!