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What's New in LEGO Worlds?

May 26, 2017

By: Max Cannon

Following its release in March of this year, LEGO Worlds has begun to build upon the foundation laid down by its initial release. The first big update for the game has hit the internet this week and brought a new mode and new themes along with it.

LEGO Worlds Hits the Sandbox

Here's what we had to say when we reviewed LEGO Worlds during its launch.

"LEGO Worlds feels like a game that could've used a little more time in the oven. Camera issues and vague mission structure hold the game back from greatness but the potential for this game is bursting at the seams. Since the game is launching at a cheaper price of $29.99, I would assume that LEGO Worlds will grow into something stronger. What's here is good but I can't help but imagine that it'll develop into something to set itself apart."

A Nexo Knight and castle made with themes of the new update.A Nexo Knight and castle made with themes of the new update.Courtesy of TT Games

With the addition of this new Sandbox Mode, I think LEGO Worlds is going to be taking those first steps into growing "into something stronger." And though the vague mission structure frustrated me, I think adding an entire mode to encourage freer gameplay that is totally free of that structure will be exactly what the game needs.

There is really a LOT being added to the game through this update and a lot of it was detailed in this new trailer. Take a look at the lengthy new video here and get up to date with the new Sandbox Mode.

LEGO Worlds Sandbox Mode - 4 Things You Need To Know


A Quicker, Cleaner Experience

Another issue that I felt dragged down the LEGO Worlds experience was the slow trek through the game's menus. Luckily this is going to be fixed up with a redesigned UI. Here's a full list of all the changes that are a part of this new update, courtesy of the teams over at Warner Bros and TT Games.

  • Sandbox Mode - An immersive building experience where players can let their imaginations run wild with all of the game’s tools, objects, and bricks instantly available at their fingertips. This mode will skip the LEGO Worlds’ tutorials and let players create the world from scratch, which they can then fill with a huge variety of models, vehicles, characters and creatures that are already unlocked for them. 
  • New Content Themes - Players should keep an eye out for new models coming soon to the Brick Build Showcase. The brick-built models will include new characters, creatures, vehicles, props and items from the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS and LEGO City themes, with even more themes to follow. 
  • Updated UI - The LEGO Worlds updated user interface includes a host of fixes and improvements make the menus and tools quicker to use with a much slicker feel.

Similar to LEGO City Undercover, we've got a new theme added into LEGO Worlds.Similar to LEGO City Undercover, we've got a new theme added into LEGO Worlds.Courtesy of TT Games

This new update is out now for LEGO Worlds which is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Have Your Say!

Have you gotten your hands on LEGO Worlds? Will you be joining me and returning to the game with this new update? Share your thoughts below!