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June 2017's Free PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games With Gold

Jun 02, 2017

By: Max Cannon

Every month Sony and Microsoft release a slew of "free" games on their respective platforms if you are already paying for an online subscription for either company. You don't need the newest console to take part as both PlayStation Plus and Xbox's Games With Gold offer games on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (and even PlayStation Vita.)

The New Games of PlayStation Plus

Starting Tuesday, June 6th you can get these upcoming games for free if you have a [kwlink 30466]PlayStation Plus[/kwlink] subscription.

  • Killing Floor 2 (PlayStation 4)
  • Life is Strange (PlayStation 4)
  • Abyss Odyssey (PlayStation 3)
  • WRC 5: World Rally Championships (PlayStation 3)
  • Neon Chrome (PlayStation Vita, Cross Buy with PlayStation 4)
  • Spy Chameleon (PlayStation Vita, Cross Buy with PlayStation 4)

Life is Strange - Trailer


Last month's pair of PlayStation 4 games were fantastic, especially considering how blown away I was by playing Tales From the Borderlands. This month continues that trend with a pair of fantastic games that give a great bit of range for PlayStation Plus users.

Killing Floor 2 is a violent, very M rated, zombie shooter. The series was kicked off on PC with the first Killing Floor and held up by a passionate user base. This follow-up was released on PC first before coming over to PS4 later on in 2016. Gameplay is about surviving increasing waves of zombies and other monsters, upgrading weapons, and fighting alongside other players. Once again, I can't overstate enough that this is a Mature rated game.

One of my favorite adventure games of recent years, Don't Nod Studios' Life is Strange puts players in control of Max Caulfield. After moving out and going to a new school, Max learns that she has the ability to rewind time and uses her new power to save a childhood friend that has grown apart from her. This creates a nasty domino effect and takes Max on a 5 part journey -- and this month's Plus will give you access to all 5 episodes. Similar to Killing Floor 2, this is a Mature rated game. 

June 2017's PlayStation Plus Games.June 2017's PlayStation Plus Games.Courtesy of PlayStation

The New Game of Xbox's Games With Gold

Since Thursday, June 1st you can access the first wave of games on[kwlink 30609] Xbox One[/kwlink] and Xbox 360, if you have a Gold subscription on Xbox.

  • SpeedRunners – Director’s Cut (Xbox One)
  • Assassin's Creed III (Xbox 360 & Backwards Compatible on Xbox One)
  • Phantom Dust DLC (Xbox One)

The second wave of games begins on Friday, June 16th.

  • Watch_Dogs (Xbox One)
  • Dragon Age: Origins (Xbox 360 & Backwards Compatible on Xbox One)

Xbox Games With Gold - June 2017 Trailer


SpeedRunners is an awesome looking, side-scrolling, multiplayer running game -- think Super Smash Bros if it was a footrace. A disliked game by many, not including myself, Assassin's Creed III returns players to the animus that puts players in the shoes of the Assassins during the American Revolution -- my usual warning of an M rating stands here. Also, in a nice surprise, Xbox One's Phantom Dust -- which released for free earlier this month -- is getting a free chunk of DLC to Gold users.

Another disliked game by many, that once again doesn't include me, is Watch_Dogs. An M-rated and open world adventure where our protagonist Aiden Pearce is a hitman/computer hacker taking control of Chicago. Dragon Age: Origins is an Xbox 360 title. A lengthy RPG made by Mass Effect's BioWare takes place in a magical fantasy world.

Games with Gold for June 2017.Games with Gold for July 2017.Courtesy of Xbox

My Winner This Month:

I'm rooting for some of these older games on Xbox, like Watch_Dogs and Assassin's Creed III, but PlayStation Plus has once again won my heart. Life is Strange really resonated with me and Killing Floor 2 is an awesome excuse to Co-op, but you'd better believe that I'm going to be playing SpeedRunners ASAP.

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