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EA's E3 2017 Press Conference Recap

Jun 10, 2017

By: Max Cannon

Electronic Arts is one of the biggest names in video gaming. Starting out E3 with their press event is standard for the event but this year seems to shake the boring streams of yesteryear to show off some cool new IP.

Madden 18 Kicks Off The Show

Starting the show with a live drumline to accompany a new trailer for Madden '18 is immediately more exciting than past E3 showings from EA. What really set this apart was the trailers focus on a new story mode for the game. Short and sweet they decided to get in and go out with this new trailer that you can take a look at below!

Madden 18 - Longshot - Official Reveal Trailer


Battlefield 1 Embraces Community More Than Ever

Starting out with a character from a famous YouTube Series -- Battlefield Friends --  EA focuses on the importance of community with a montage of Twitch streamers playing Battlefield 1 and showing off their best moments. Then we heard our first announcement of 2 new maps that will take place at night, which is a first for Battlefield 1.

A new expansion called "In The Name of The Tsar" moves the war to the East, by adding 8 maps total, new vehicles, and female characters. This DLC will release in September and bring changes to game progression when it is available to download. 

Concept art for the upcoming In The Name of The Tsar DLC.Concept art for the upcoming In The Name of The Tsar DLC.Courtesy of EA

Alex Hunter Returns in Fifa 18

Fifa 17 started off a story mode featuring a soccer/football player named Alex Hunter giving a unique spin to the series that Madden 18 is definitely emulating. Well, Fifa 18 will see the return of Alex Hunter and evidenced in this new trailer for the game. Check it out here!



Need for Speed Payback's First Gameplay Demo

After a really awkward exchange between a YouTuber and game developer, we got our first look at Need for Speed Payback's story. Similar to Need for Speed: The Run this game is based around a plot that takes you across a giant map. A highway heist shows wreckage, drifting, and an impressive set piece.

Switching characters and cars promises to be a better take on the last Need for Speed when it releases later this year. Take a look at the new gameplay here!

Need for Speed Payback Official Gameplay Trailer


What's New From EA Originals 

EA Originals is a segment of EA focused on independent games that gives every penny the game earns right back to the developers. The first game we got a look at was a followup from the team behind Brothers: A Tale of Two SonsA Way Out is a Co-Op game about breaking out of prison.

Here's the new trailer.

A Way Out Reveal Trailer


The game was designed with couch Co-Op in mind, though you can play through the game online. At the moment, A Way Out is planned for an early 2018 release.


SEED, Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division, is a new group from EA that explores the newest cutting edge technology. Their goal is to "blur the line between reality and the virtual world." Talking up Xbox's Scorpio and all of the power that comes alongside it, SEED plans to bridge the strength of graphical power and looks with new avenues of storytelling. I'll be honest, it's really confusing and I don't fully understand it but hey they paired it with a game from BioWare called Anthem -- which will show us more tomorrow at Xbox's conference.

Take a look at its new trailer here.

Anthem Official Teaser Trailer


Star Wars Battlefront II Fixes The Original's Mistakes

In a surprisingly honest move, EA's CEO Andrew Wilson acknowledges the rough reception to DICE's first attempt at Star Wars Battlefront right out of the gate.

EA made it painfully clear, Star Wars Battlefront II needed to have a single player campaign. Triple the content of the first game, more couch Co-Op, and more heroes, vehicles, and locations in the new game. 

The new game will focus more on skill, progression, and choosing a better arsenal. But reading it all doesn't stack up to seeing it for yourself, check out this new trailer below.

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Official Gameplay Trailer

John Boyega appeared to briefly announce that his character Finn would be in the new game as DLC, which is going to be totally free. Any and all DLC... totally free.

Have Your Say!

That's the first conference. What did you think? Does EA have you excited or are you waiting for future conferences? Comment below!