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The Best Game I Played: August 2017 | SUPERHOT

Sep 10, 2017

By: Max Cannon

A lot of different games flash across my TV, some of them good and some of them are not so good. If you're looking for a great gaming recommendation you are reading the right article. Each and every month I'll give you the update on my favorite game I played over the last 30 or 31 days. Some of these games will be newer releases and some will be ancient games that I dug out of my dusty old cabinet but they'll always be something I'm passionate about.

This month's game is...



SUPERHOT is a game that begs you to talk about it, literally. A first person shooter in which time only moves when you do is such a simple idea that it's easy to write off and even easier to question why it hasn't been done yet. The idea was originally conceived as a simple browser game which was quickly thrown together for a game development event. Following the event, SUPERHOT' s prototype was made available to be played on your internet browser with the Unity engine. Believe me, my friends and I spent many breaks at work seeing how quickly we could blaze through SUPERHOT' s short but promising campaign.

While many first person shooters conjure up imagery of violence that isn't appropriate for all audiences, SUPERHOT uses a minimalistic art style that keeps things as clean as possible. Of course, there are some people that aren't on board with any game showing off guns but SUPERHOT manages to make it as appropriate for a wide audience as you can hope for.

A screen from SUPERHOT VR which is available on PS4 and PC.A screen from SUPERHOT VR which is available on PS4 and PC.

Last year, I broke out my underused Xbox One S to play through the game and on my PlayStation 4 Pro I've managed to finish up the game at least 10 times due to the numerous challenge modes since the game re-released early on in the summer. Trial and error is the name of the game in SUPERHOT and figuring out enemy placement and manipulation of the game's world is your key to success. 

Again and Again and Again

<SUPERHOT is a game designed to be replayed over and over. Once you wrap up your first playthrough of the game, SUPERHOT encourages you to play through the game's various challenge modes. Only throwing weapons, only using swords, only taking over enemies, etc. The various changes and add-ons that the game throws at you are similar to the challenges that kids make up on the school yard. Now try the whole game without any weapons, or any other sort of challenges that could come to your head naturally fit right in from the developer's minds.

In addition to replaying the game's main story, there are time trials and endless areas to tide you over. There's not an overwhelming amount of content in SUPERHOT but the core gameplay is so consistently entertaining that it doesn't even matter and even had me replay the game's short 3-hour campaign 3 or 4 different times. And if you're lucky enough to have a VR unit on your PC or PS4 you'll be able to separately purchase SUPERHOT VR which translates the gameplay amazingly from the base game.

SUPERHOT Release Date Trailer


Some Other Awesome Games I Played This Month:

  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
  • Pokémon GO
  • Super Mario 64
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Did you play any great games through August? Have you had a chance to play SUPERHOT? Comment below!.