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Animal Crossing is Coming to Phones

Oct 27, 2017

By: Max Cannon

In a short Direct video from Nintendo, the new game Animal Crossing Pocket Camp was revealed for iOS and Android devices. Coming in late November for these devices, Nintendo showed off a detailed look at the new game.

The Most Fun You'll Have Doing Chores

If you're not familiar with any of the Animal Crossing games then I'd suggest taking a look at our review for Animal Crossing: New Leaf which is the most recent mainline entry to the series. Here's a bit of what we had to say about the game:

Animal Crossing on Mobile - Kidzworld Weekly News


"Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a game that keep you coming back for more. There is lots to do in the game and your work is never done. Build up relationships with other villagers, go fishing, catch bugs, and decorate your house. You can even join up with friends online using the Nintendo Network and travel to the tropical Tortimer Island to play minigames and earn medals. You can also visit dream versions of your friend's villages and give them gifts or stomp on all the flowers. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a wonderful simulation game and it is super addicting to manage and build your own town and watch it grow and gain new residents. Even if you have never played Animal Crossing in the past or got bored of the series, the new features in New Leaf is definitely worth checking out."

The last main Animal Crossing game was way back in 2013 for 3DS.The last main Animal Crossing game was way back in 2013 for 3DS.

The meat of this series, which started on Gamecube, is about making your character's town as vibrant as possible. Much of the game is busywork like pulling weeds, fishing, and decorating but something about the game is captivating and addictive which is perfect for mobile devices.

Your Own Virtual Camp

The big grab of this version of Animal Crossing is the camp setting, which is much smaller in scope than the typical village of other entries. Pocket Camp is about finding a personal victory in small things, most commonly by finally getting the right chair in your little home or that perfectly cute little couch. Previous games in the series would also have gameplay centered around actions like picking fruit from trees or catching fish and Pocket Camp seems to also maintain that gameplay but includes a timer that's common with mobile games. Picking an apple from a tree means that you'll need to wait about 3 hours for that apple to be replaced so you can pick again.

Animal Crossing Mobile Direct Oct.24.2017


You'll customize your camper, which is this game's villager who you may be familiar with from Super Smash Bros. Heck, that customization is the biggest hook of Animal Crossing , making this game special is all about making the world of your characters as special as you can. If you watch above you can check out the entire direct and get all of the tiny details of the new game.

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