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The Best Family Games of 2017

Dec 26, 2017

By: Max Cannon

2017 was a fantastic year for gaming and that extends to every type of gamer out there. While there are some challenging games this year, like Cuphead, it's pretty easy to find a game that anyone can enjoy and sitting down with the whole family to enjoy the latest game is easier than ever after the awesome year gaming just had. Read on to see Kidzworld's best family games of 2017.

3. Overcooked: Special Edition Edition

Though Overcooked initially came out in 2016, it wasn't until 2017 that we really dove into the game here. The game's designed to really stand tall when played cooperatively as players run their own kitchen and send out food to hungry customers. Working together to make a simple onion soup is easy enough once you've chopped the onions, thrown them into a pot, and then ladled your soup into a bowl but when you're throwing together a hamburger with lettuce and tomato you'll find that teamwork is essential and communication is the key to success.

Overcooked Launch Trailer


In fact, that need for communication is what makes Overcooked such a perfect game for a family to try out. Playing with gamers that you aren't as familiar with will definitely cause some headaches while playing the game but if you're sitting down with a group of people who you could easily communicate with then you'll have fun even if you're not doing well in the game. The game is available on the all of the major consoles but the Switch coming bundled in with a pair of controllers makes it the easy recommendation.

You'll get a real appreciation for how hard it is to cook with Overcooked.You'll get a real appreciation for how hard it is to cook with Overcooked.

2. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot returns with the games from his glory days back on the original PlayStation with a fancy pants re-release on the PlayStation 4 that veers closer to the territory of a remake. The game is certainly challenging but the 90's cartoon vibe will suck in players both young and old and it's perfect for passing around the controller. The N. Sane Trilogy is bursting at the seams with charm which makes this single-player game just as fun to watch as it is to sit down and play for yourself. And if you find one of the games to be a bit too much of a challenge then you could easily jump over to another entry in the series, the second one is my personal favorite.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Release Date Trailer


The upbeat atmosphere of the game is very deceptive though, I can't stress enough how difficult this game really is. The game's linearity is also a hallmark of the earlier era of video gaming, and while our winner of the best family game is easier and more open, the appeal of Crash is in the game's challenge and after losing a life handing that controller over to someone else in the room.

Crash may be a tough game but it's easy on the eyes.Crash may be a tough game but it's easy on the eyes.

1. Super Mario Odyssey

What could be said about Super Mario Odyssey that wasn't already said by others? Anyone can find something to enjoy in this game. Hardcore gamers will love chasing down every single secret hidden inside the game -- and believe me there are a lot of secrets. While more casual players will love rushing through the game's gorgeous worlds and making use of one of the easiest to control characters in all of gaming. Playing this game is pure and simple fun that I'd be genuinely surprised to find a player that didn't like the game to some degree.

Super Mario Odyssey's New Worlds - Kidzworld Weekly News


This doesn't even get into the smart 2-player implementation. While some players will use this co-op to snag themselves some easy power moons, most players can pass off an extra Joy-Con to give another player control of Cappy without impeding Mario's fantastic as always platforming skills. Anyone looking for a game the whole family can enjoy wouldn't go wrong to pick up Super Mario Odyssey

The globe-trotting adventure is a great way to wrap up the Switch's launch year.The globe-trotting adventure is a great way to wrap up the Switch's launch year.
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