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The Best Gaming Visuals of 2017

Dec 26, 2017

By: Max Cannon

Graphics definitely aren't everything when it comes to gaming but it's undeniable that some pretty visuals can really improve the experience, especially if a game's art style ties into what makes the title so special. 2017 was a fantastic year for gaming as a whole and most releases looked better than ever. Here are Kidzworld's favorite visuals in games for 2017.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The art style of a Zelda game is always a point of contention and when The Wind Waker released on Gamecube back in the day, a very vocal group of gamers made it clear that they didn't enjoy the cartoony cel-shaded visuals. But here in 2017, The Wind Waker is considered one of the best looking games because rather than focusing the energy into designing something realistic, Nintendo gave the game a look that would stand the test of time, meanwhile the follow-up of Twilight Princess didn't fare quite as well. This year's Breath of the Wild gives gamers the best of both worlds with the most perfect art style that I could imagine for a Zelda game.

Breath of the Wild nailed the perfect art style for a Zelda game.Breath of the Wild nailed the perfect art style for a Zelda game.

The game's opening immediately impresses once Link steps out into the wide world of Hyrule. The visuals of the game are accentuated by the minimalistic music score, there's nothing like hearing a light piano score as you watch the sunset fade into the distance. Hyrule had never felt so immense and that's in part to game's impressive visuals.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Nintendo Switch Trailer

2. Horizon Zero Dawn

Of all the game's on this list, Horizon Zero Dawn is the straight up graphical powerhouse and a pretty game in the most traditional sense. The wide open world offers a ton of different environments to see with a visual quality that's nearly at the level of games like Uncharted or Quantum Break. While some are critical of some lifeless looking NPCs during a conversation, Horizon is still leagues above other open world RPGs when it comes to visual fidelity. 

Horizon's New DLC - Kidzworld Weekly News

The world's diverse locations keep the visuals surprising, you'll run across a massive desert, a cold forest, a deep rainforest, and with the DLC you'll head to The Frozen Wilds. The game's mix of metal and nature keeps things fresh and the beauty of the game makes for an impressive take on a post-apocalyptic world that is far from dreary unless the world decides to drop a rainstorm on top of you.

Horizon Zero Dawn's visuals and art style are what elevate the look of the game so highly.Horizon Zero Dawn's visuals and art style are what elevate the look of the game so highly.Courtesy of PlayStation

1. Cuphead

How could anyone not be taken away by the look of Cuphead? Hand-drawn by a small team of animators at Studio MDHR, Cuphead is stylized to emulate the look of classic cartoons from the 1930's. The run-n-gun gameplay could be described as Contra with an emphasis on bosses. The gameplay is certainly fun but it's the visuals of Cuphead that keep players talking, each level is like getting a little look at a cartoon that progresses depending on how well you can play.

Cartoons Meeting Games - Kidzworld Weekly News

Teaming up to enjoy the game with other another player makes for an awesome co-op experience but listening to the jazzy orchestra while shooting up characters reminiscent of Popeye, Steamboat Willie, and other cartoons from way-back-when make for the most visually impressive game of 2017.

Cuphead's unique hand-drawn aesthetic impressed more than any other game in 2017.Cuphead's unique hand-drawn aesthetic impressed more than any other game in 2017.
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