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May 2018's Free PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games With Gold

Apr 02, 2018

By: Max Cannon

Every month Sony and Microsoft release a slew of "free" games on their respective platforms if you are already paying for an online subscription for either company. Up until March 8, 2019, you won't need the newest console to take part as both PlayStation Plus and Xbox's Games With Gold offer games on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (and even PlayStation Vita.)

The New Games of PlayStation Plus

Starting Tuesday, April 3rd you can get these upcoming games for free if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

  • Mad Max (PlayStation 4)
  • TrackMania Turbo (PlayStation 4)
  • In Space we Brawl (PlayStation 3)
  • Toy Home (PlayStation 3) 
  • 99 Vidas (PlayStation Vita)
  • Q*Bert Rebooted (PlayStation Vita, Cross-Buy with PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4)

PlayStation Plus - April 2018 | Mad Max + Trackmania Turbo | PS Plus Monthly Games

Here's how PlayStation describes their big games of the month:

"First stop: Mad Max for PS4! Developed by Avalanche Studios, you star as the iconic lone warrior surviving a hostile Wasteland. Max Rockatansky’s dangerous journey begins after a gang steals his legendary Interceptor. Combining open-world vehicle combat with bone-crunching battles, Mad Max will keep you fully immersed as you fight to get your Interceptor back and make it to the Plains of Silence."  Mad Max is rated M for Mature by the ESRB for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Use of Drugs.

Avalanche Studios brings Mad Max to this month's PlayStation Plus lineup.Avalanche Studios brings Mad Max to this month's PlayStation Plus lineup.

"Racing fans will appreciate TrackMania Turbo, a polished PS4 arcade racing game where your goal is to achieve the perfect racing time. You can hone your skills with 200 pre-built tracks, then create and share your own custom tracks to make the competition last forever."  TrackMania Turbo is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB with no content descriptors.

Mad Max may already be in your library if you're an Xbox player with Game Pass but if you're just a PS4 player than it's a welcome -- but adult rated -- inclusion in this month's lineup. TrackMania Turbo is a fun racer that focuses on creating crazy maps but the game was already available with Xbox Games with Gold somewhat recently.

Trackmania Turbo has been free on both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold.Trackmania Turbo has been free on both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold.

The New Game of Xbox's Games With Gold

Starting Sunday, April 1st you can access the first wave of games on Xbox One and Xbox 360 if you have a Gold subscription on Xbox.

  • The Witness (Xbox One)
  • Cars 2: The Video Game (Xbox 360 & Backwards Compatible with Xbox One)

The second wave of games begins on Monday, April 16th.

  • Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (Xbox One)
  • Dead Space 2 (Xbox 360 & Backwards Compatible with Xbox One)

Xbox - April 2018 Games with Gold


Here's how Xbox described their big games of the month:

The Witness

"You awake on an island with no idea where or who you are. Over 500 puzzles lay before you as you slowly regain your memories piece by piece in the hopes of finding your way off this mysterious, gorgeous island in this challenging open-world puzzler that has been described by admirers as beautiful, challenging, and a puzzler’s paradise." Rated E for Everyone for an Alcohol Reference.

The Witness is a exploration based puzzle game that originally launched on PlayStation 4.The Witness is a exploration based puzzle game that originally launched on PlayStation 4.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

"The Industrial Revolution in London provides the backdrop in this epic chapter of the Assassin’s Creed series, as you play as siblings endeavoring to retake the city back from the Templars. With new fighting mechanics, extraordinary tools, and new modes of transport, build your gang and fight to bring justice and the rule of law back to your home city." Rated M for Mature by the ESRB for Blood, Drug Reference, Strong Language, Violence.

The Xbox Games with Gold lineup for April 2018.The Xbox Games with Gold lineup for April 2018.Courtesy of Xbox

My Winner This Month:

PlayStation had one of the greatest months ever for their service last month so it's only fair that they take a back seat to Xbox this month. Both PlayStation 4 games on PlayStation have had some sort of presence on Xbox in the past. And the offerings on Xbox include a game that was formerly a PlayStation exclusive with The Witness and a family-friendly entry with Cars 2: The Video Game.

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