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March 2018's Free PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games With Gold

Mar 01, 2018

By: Max Cannon

Every month Sony and Microsoft release a slew of "free" games on their respective platforms if you are already paying for an online subscription for either company. You don't need the newest console to take part as both PlayStation Plus and Xbox's Games With Gold offer games on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (and even PlayStation Vita.)

But there's a bit of a change this time, though Sony has a killer month lined up for PS4 players, it looks like we're reaching the end of an era for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita as they're on their final year. Starting on March 8, 2019, the service will only offer PS4 games as part of the monthly games service. It's understandable, and I'm surprised it went on this long, but we'll certainly miss having an excuse to boot up our legacy consoles.

The New Games of PlayStation Plus

Starting Tuesday, March 6th you can get these upcoming games for free if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

  • Bloodborne (PlayStation 4)
  • Ratchet and Clank (PlayStation 4)
  • Legend of Kay (PlayStation 3)
  • Mighty No. 9  (PlayStation 3, Cross-Buy with PlayStation 4) 
  • Claire: Extended Cut (PlayStation Vita, Cross-Buy with PlayStation 4)
  • Bombing Busters (PlayStation Vita, Cross-Buy with PlayStation 4)

PlayStation Plus - Free PS4 Games Lineup: March 2018 | PS4

Here's what PlayStation had to say about their big headliners on PS4 and believe me this month is big.

"First up, we have the award-winning action RPG Bloodborne. Hunt your nightmares as you search for answers in the ancient city of Yharnam, now cursed with a strange endemic illness spreading through the streets like wildfire. Danger, death and madness lurk around every corner of this dark and horrific world, and you must discover its darkest secrets in order to survive." Rated M for Mature, be extra cautious when booting up this game.

Bloodborne is probably the best reviewed game to ever grace Plus.Bloodborne is probably the best reviewed game to ever grace Plus.Courtesy of PlayStation

"Next, we have Ratchet & Clank. Get acquainted (or reacquainted) with some of the greatest heroes in PlayStation history. Based on elements from the original Ratchet & Clank (PS2), Ratchet & Clank brings Insomniac’s classic, out-of-this-world-gameplay to the PS4. Join Ratchet, Clank, Captain Qwark, and their new friends as they battle to save the Solana Galaxy. Armed with an arsenal of original weapons the franchise is renowned for, including the new Pixelizer and fan-favorites like the dance-party-inducing Groovitron, you’ll explore the galaxy and get a deeper look at the origin story of these two beloved characters." Rated E for Everyone.

Bloodborne is a well-reviewed game but I'd suggest that the average Kidzworld reader take care with this M-rated game as it's definitely not appropriate for all audiences. However, Ratchet and Clank is one of the all-time greats as far as PlayStation franchises go and this entry -- which was paired with a movie -- is one of the best remakes we've seen.

One of the greatest looking remakes joins the Plus library.One of the greatest looking remakes joins the Plus library.Courtesy of PlayStation

The New Game of Xbox's Games With Gold

Since Thursday, March 1st you can access the first wave of games on Xbox One and Xbox 360 if you have a Gold subscription on Xbox.

  • Trials of the Blood Dragon (Xbox One)
  • Brave: The Video Game (Xbox 360 & Backwards Compatible with Xbox One)

The second wave of games begins on Friday, March 16th.

  • Superhot (Xbox One)
  • Quantum Conundrum (Xbox 360 & Backwards Compatible with Xbox One)

Xbox - March 2018 Games with Gold


Here's how Xbox described their big games of the month:

Trials of the Blood Dragon

"Trials meets Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and it’s not all about the bikes anymore! There’s running, shooting, swinging, tanks, jetpacks and BMXs to play with. Fully animated cut-scenes provide the humor and weapons deliver the boom. Power your way through 30 missions across seven different worlds and if you’re feeling adventurous, try to unlock the Ominous Locked Safe by following the cryptic clues along the way." Rated T for Teen.

Xbox's Games with Gold lineup for March 2018.Xbox's Games with Gold lineup for March 2018.Courtesy of Xbox


"Play this award-winning FPS originally conceived at a 7-day FPS Game Jam. After thousands of hours of design and development, the result is this wildly popular, innovative, and constantly changing masterpiece. In a new twist on the genre, time stands still if you do. You can’t just run and gun your way out of this one! Do you have the skill to plan your moves, dodge bullets, and win the battle?"  Rated T for Teen.

My Winner This Month:

Wow to both services this month. Each service has a game that's especially loved by Kidzworld. Ratchet and Clank is a huge deal here but Superhot is a game that everyone should play. I'll probably lean a little more toward PlayStation but you wouldn't go wrong with either service's lineup -- and you could try out the clever and underrated Quantum Conundrum, which was on PlayStation Plus years and years ago!

Have Your Say!

Are you going to give either platform a try this upcoming month? Which service do you like more? Comment below!