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New Gameplay for LEGO The Incredibles

Apr 23, 2018

By: Max Cannon

Following the leaked advertisement we'd mentioned last monthLEGO The Incredibles was officially confirmed for a June 15th release date! Check out the new gameplay trailer below and get yourself up to date on all the current information about the upcoming Disney game. 

Syndrome's giant robot makes a return in the new game.Syndrome's giant robot makes a return in the new game.Courtesy of TT Games

Pixar's Superhero Family 

LEGO makes a lot of games from different properties and while Disney isn't new to this team up, they've had Star WarsMarveland more made into LEGO games, but this is the first time that something from a Pixar franchise has gotten the LEGO treatment. So far, what we've seen from the upcoming game was limited to the events of the first movie, but in that first trailer was the logo of the second film to really hammer home that's there's some new stuff to be seen here. Check out the announcement trailer for the new game.

Official LEGO The Incredibles Announce Trailer

This isn't the first time we've seen an Incredibles game, the original movie got a decent game and the sequel surprised by audiences by also being decent and picking the story up exactly from where the film ended (which the upcoming movie also seems poised to do.) And for fans of authenticity, it seems like some of the voice actors of the film will reprise their roles if that's really the voice of Brad Bird as Edna Mode who was also the film's director. Not everyone is making a return but I'd be thrilled to see a few inclusions. Thankfully, that above trailer keeps everything spoiler-free for The Incredibles 2.

The new game seems rife with opportunity to combine your powers.The new game seems rife with opportunity to combine your powers.Courtesy of TT Games

Check Out the New Game in Action 

That new gameplay trailer shows some iconic moments from that original movie, like Dash and Violet running across the water or the family teaming up during the fight in the city. Some of the puzzles seem to use more than 2 characters, which deviates from the LEGO blueprint. One moment shows Violet and Dash powering up a device with their combined superpowers while Mr. Incredible interacts with a helicopter, what a perfect property to bring a 4 player focus into the series, which isn't confirmed but seems to be evident from the trailer. 

Official LEGO The Incredibles Parr Family Gameplay Trailer

That new gameplay trailer, which you could see above, gives each of the family some time in the spotlight and, though that doesn't sound like Samuel L. Jackson in the end, it's awesome to see his memorable "super suit" argument with that LEGO charm. The game which is marketed as including "two incredible films [within] one incredible game," releases on June 15th, 2018 which is the same day that the new film hits theaters. Check out the new game on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

The whole family is present in the new trailer.The whole family is present in the new trailer.Courtesy of TT Games
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