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Paddington 2 Blu-ray Review

Reviewed by on Apr 23, 2018
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Paddington 2, is out to take home on Blu-ray and DVD. Will the home edition of this 2nd adventure featuring the fuzzy bear from Peru charm you? Are the extra features fun? Check Kidzworld’s review.

By: Lynn Barker

Paddington 2, finds the little bear (voice of Ben Wishaw) happily living with the Brown family in London and still wanting to see Aunt Lucy who raised him in Peru. When her birthday is coming, Paddington knows she’d love to visit London. The next best present is an amazing pop-up book of the city but it’s way too expensive. Our bear takes a series of odd jobs to afford it but meanwhile, selfish, has-been actor Phoenix Buchanan (Hugh Grant) steals the book and blames the theft on Paddington. Can he clear his name?

Paddington finds the pop-up bookPaddington finds the pop-up bookCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

The Perfect Gift

Paddington is settled in with the Brown family who have undergone some changes. Henry (Hugh Bonneville) doesn’t get an expected promotion and is having a mid-life crisis, Mary (Sally Hawkins) is training to swim the English Channel, Judy (Madeleine Harris) has broken up with her boyfriend and started a newspaper, Jonathan (Samuel Joslin) secretly pursues his uncool passion for steam trains. Paddington visits an antique shop and finds the perfect gift for his Aunt Lucy’s 100th birthday, a pop-up book on London but it is super expensive.

The Brown family tries to find the real thiefThe Brown family tries to find the real thiefCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Neighborhood Odd jobs

Paddington takes on several odd jobs to afford the book. He makes a mess as a window cleaner and is an even worse fit as a hairdresser but he is saving money. He sees a bearded thief stealing the book from the shop. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time, the bear is accused of the theft! The real thief, washed up actor Phoenix Buchanan takes off his disguise at home. He learned of the book from Paddington and thinks it contains a map to a local treasure.

Paddington tries to be a window cleanerPaddington tries to be a window cleanerCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Locked Away for Theft

It’s prison for Paddington where he lets a red sock get into the laundry turning all the black and white stripe uniforms black and pink! He’s not very popular but learns that all the inmates hate the awful prison meals. Paddington makes friends with tough guy Knuckles McGinty (Brendan Gleeson), the safe-cracking cook, and teaches him how to make yummy marmalade sandwiches, a big hit with the inmates.

Knuckles McGinty isn't friendly at firstKnuckles McGinty isn't friendly at firstCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Meanwhile, the Browns

The Browns are desperate to clear Paddington’s name and catch the real thief, putting up sketches Mary made based on how Paddington described him. They learn that the stolen book leads to the fortune of the original author who had been killed by Buchanan’s grandpa but nobody ever found the riches. Buchanan is running around London in various disguises trying to find clues to the hidden treasure. The Browns realize he is the thief but can’t prove it yet.

The Browns get a call from PaddingtonThe Browns get a call from PaddingtonCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Escape from Prison

Paddington has made the inmates much more friendly and comfortable but has trouble keeping faith when the Browns can’t prove he isn’t guilty. They are busy trying to nail Buchanan for the theft but miss visiting day, convincing sad Paddington that they’ve forgotten him. He participates in a prison break and hides on the streets avoiding the police when the rest of the inmates, including Knuckles, abandon him.

Paddington turns prison uniforms pink!Paddington turns prison uniforms pink!Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Brown Break In

Breaking into Buchanan’s house, Mary and Henry find a secret attic with his many costumes. We see that the book is there too but before they can find it, Buchanan returns home. Paddington phones the Browns who assure him they haven’t forgotten him and they know Buchanan is the thief. They also arrange to meet the bear at Paddington Station from where a carnival train that might house the fortune is due to leave.

Paddington on the train trying to stop BuchananPaddington on the train trying to stop BuchananCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Happy Ending?

Will Paddington go free and Buchanan be blamed for the book theft?  Will anyone really find the treasure? Will Paddington plus his family and friends be able to stop Buchanan? Will Knuckles and the inmates prove they do love Paddington after all? Will Lucy get her present or…something even better?

Paddington loves his marmaladePaddington loves his marmaladeCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Special Extra Features

Extras are all short but cute and enjoyable.

  • Paddington: The Bear Truth –filmmakers and actors focus on Paddington’s enthusiasm and his lessons to be inclusive and understanding. Actors praise Ben Wishaw for his work voicing the bear and Hugh and Judy talk of acting with a bear that isn’t really there. Difficulty of animating Paddington is discussed,-standard but sweet making-of extra.
  • How to Make a Marmalade Sandwich is exactly what it says; a step by step recipe for making marmalade from scratch. Sounds good. I wanna try it!
  • Music Video with Phoenix Buchanan is just the same in prison video of the song “Pit Pitty Pat” seen in the film with dancing and singing inmates led by Hugh Grant as Buchannan. Silly but fun.
  • The Magical Mystery of Paddington’s Pop-up Book goes into some detail on the fantasy scene in which Paddington takes visiting Aunt Lucy through the actual pages of the book (with flat characters and buildings). The Special Visual Effects wizard who accomplished this talks about it. Interesting. Glad pop-up books still exist!
  • The Browns and Paddington: The Special Bond features the actors playing Brown family members on their relationships with each other and how the family has changed since the last film. This includes Mrs. Bird who is practically a family member. They talk about working together to help someone you love. Nice.
  • Knuckles: A Fistful of Marmalade focuses on the prison chef character. Brendan Gleeson, the actor who plays him, talks about changing the thug into a more loving person because of his relationship with Paddington. Sweet.
  • The Once Famous Faces of Phoenix Buchanan takes apart the costumes and make-up for various character disguises Hugh Grant wears as Buchanan.  He talks about the make-up being a challenge and enjoyed the role.
  • Audio Commentary by Director/Writer Paul has him explaining that many of the interior locations were not on sets but at the real London landmarks. Cool. He also goes into the difficulties of actors acting and a director directing with no real bear on set. Kind of dry but still interesting. If your little sis still thinks Paddington is a real bear, don’t let her listen to this track!

Hugh Grant as baddie Phoenix BuchananHugh Grant as baddie Phoenix BuchananCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Wrapping Up

Paddington 2 is pretty adorable. This movie plays more like an action adventure than the first film and Hugh Grant needs some notice for his flamboyant and fun portrayal of baddie actor Buchanan. The message of the bear from Peru is very relevant today.. Kindness goes a long way toward a peaceful planet.

The Browns plus Paddington listen to Buchanan at a fairThe Browns plus Paddington listen to Buchanan at a fairCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Extras are all sweet although not amazing . I enjoyed best the one on SPFX wizards taking Paddington inside the world of the pop-up book.

If you are into collecting family films focusing on characters made popular in classic novels for kids then you should collect and gift this movie. We can go four stars on the home entertainment Blu-ray set.

Paddington 2 Blu-ray Review: 4

Paddington 2 Blu-ray and DVD CoverCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Paddington 2 is out to buy Tuesday, April 24th

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