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5 New Characters Confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Aug 10, 2018

By: Max Cannon

That window between the announcement of a new Super Smash Bros. and the official release is an awesome time full of exciting speculation and announcements about new characters and features. Some big new characters were accompanied by some exciting reveal trailers during this week's Nintendo Direct. 

Kicking off with Castlevania

Players were immediately introduced to Castlevania's main character Simon Belmont, as he avenges a hilariously horrified Luigi who is literally scared out of his skin. His moveset focuses on his whip and a handful of special items pulled right out of his original game way back in the NES era. And Simon also has an echo fighter, a character nearly identical to another fighter. Richter Belmont, who is from a handful of other Castlevania games, is joining the fight. Luckily, that's not all we have from this beloved franchise.

Five New Fighters - Kidzworld Weekly News

Dracula's Castle was heavily featured in the new trailer alongside a handful of sinister monsters from the series including Dracula himself. Dracula is also a boss that'll appear in fights, like how Ridley was in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U though he now became a fully playable character. There are a handful of other monsters announced in the game, alongside one who Nintendo is keeping a mystery, so this new stage will be full of secrets until we actually play it when the game releases on December 7th.

Simon Belmont brings the Castlevania franchise to Super Smash Bros.Simon Belmont brings the Castlevania franchise to Super Smash Bros.Courtesy of Nintendo

The King is Back

Fans of the classic Donkey Kong Country games, and especially Donkey Kong 64, will be thrilled to see the villainous King K. Rool added into the Smash Bros. roster. The frightening leader of the Kremlings was a long-rumored character for the series despite not appearing in a Donkey Kong game in over a decade. His moveset is thrown together from a handful of attacks from the SNES games including his pirate-themed blunderbuss and evil-doctor helicopter from Donkey Kong Country 3. The coolest trick up K. Rool's sleeve is his final smash pulled right out of Donkey Kong 64 in which he destroys DK Island. Check out his appearance and flashy new final smash below.

67: King K. Rool – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

That's not all that was shown off in the Direct. Nintendo confirmed Stage Morph, the ability to randomly switch between a pair of stages during a fight and that over 100 stages are confirmed for the new game. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate isn't skimping on the music either with roughly 900 tracks available and you'll be able to listen to them with your Switch in sleep mode like a music player, an odd but interesting feature. Finally, the game will be getting a Limited Edition which includes a GameCube controller and adapter to appease those veteran Smash Bros players. Keep an eye open for more character reveals as we get even closer to that holiday release!

King K. Rool returns to antagonize the Kongs.King K. Rool returns to antagonize the Kongs.Courtesy of Nintendo
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