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The Holidays Encourage Us To Give And Be Grateful

Oct 29, 2018

It’s not what you get from a holiday, but what you give that really counts. As we enter holiday season keep this thought in mind. On Halloween, we give out free candy, because we want to. Not because somebody made us, but because we want to participate in the experience of bringing joy to children. As you can see there is a strong component of generosity to the holiday just like there is with most.

Halloween is a generous holiday!Halloween is a generous holiday!

What Else is a Giving Holiday?

Canadian Thanksgiving just passed, and American Thanksgiving is coming up. These holidays encourage us to talk and think about what we are grateful for. The idea here is to “give thanks” while celebrating with people you love and who are close to you. This holiday inspires us to be grateful, and you can be thankful for a variety of things.

On Thanksgiving, we give thanks!On Thanksgiving, we give thanks!

Christmas Evokes the Spirit of Giving

Christmas really isn’t about how many presents you get. Christmas is about giving, helping others and togetherness. Christmas is a time to show your true heart. Donate money, volunteer at a homeless shelter, give gifts to the needy, participate in charities, go caroling, send season's greetings, write Christmas cards, spend time with people who matter, and get in the giving spirit. The beauty of Christmas is that a gift does not have to be high in price to have a good value. Gifts can be made and sent straight from the heart.

Christmas reminds us of the importance of giving.Christmas reminds us of the importance of giving.

What Are These Holidays Trying To Tell Us?

With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all promoting the importance of giving, we can acknowledge that these holidays are more like reminders. Reminders to be good people and do good things. Reminders to be good to others. Reminders not to be selfish and to give to others in way where we don’t expect anything back. Reminder that the greatest joy isn’t getting a gift, but giving one. It is crucial to the state of the world that humans treat each other with compassion. These holidays provide us the opportunity to give back to the community by participating and doing what we can to improve the well-being of others. These holidays are a great time to show that you care, and a great way to get involved in something good.

It is important to be grateful in life.It is important to be grateful in life.

It is Important to Give and Be Grateful

Not only should we give back to others, but we should be grateful when someone gives to us. You can be grateful for a number of reasons, and it’s not always a person that we are grateful for. Sometimes we are grateful for the sunshine, or the flowers outside, or just the ability to breath. Sometimes we are just grateful to be alive, sheltered and fed. It’s the little things that matter the most.

Try to find at least one thing to be grateful for each day.Try to find at least one thing to be grateful for each day.

What’s Gratitude?

Gratitude is the ability to be thankful for all the things that complete your life. You can be grateful for anything. It has been discussed that showing gratitude can increase your way of life. For example, people keep “gratitude journals”, which list, each day, at least one thing a person is grateful for. Often, acknowledging what we’re grateful for can minimize what is stressing us out or making us feel down. Gratitude can be very therapeutic. Exercising gratitude is encouraged, and you never know how it is going to affect you. It might put your life into perspective. It might make your problems look smaller. When we look at the bigger picture, we can see how we are still doing well, despite the things that bother us.

Show the attitude of gratitude.Show the attitude of gratitude.

The holidays remind us of the importance of giving and gratitude. In one regard, the holidays can help bring out the good in you. Don’t be a Scrooge this season, participate in the holidays, give to others and always be sure to acknowledge when you need to be grateful. Expressing gratitude is a wonderful thing, and if done effectively it can be life-changing.

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