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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

May 01, 2019

By: Katie Chilson

Mother’s Day is coming up and it’s time to find a gift that somehow says “thanks for everything you do day in and day out.” Whether your mom is a total techie, a kook for cooking, or a natural in nature, we’ve assembled a comprehensive guide to help you find your mom something special for Mother’s Day this year.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

For The Mom Who Is Always Outside

Inflatable Solar Camping Lantern $19.99

This eco-friendly and compact lantern is perfect for the lady who loves spending time around the campfire and enjoying nature. It’s light and small enough to pack, doesn’t require batteries (so it doesn’t matter if you forget them!), and uses the sun or a USB plug to recharge. What’s not to love?

Inflatable Solar Camping LanternInflatable Solar Camping LanternCourtesy of Amzaon

Solar Garden Torch Lights 2 pack $36.99

These decorative torch lights are also solar powered (we just love taking care of the Earth!) and flicker like real flames. They’re perfect for decorating your patio or yard for a BBQ to celebrate mom or taking on a camping trip for that extra flair outside mom’s tent.

Solar torches to decorate your backyardSolar torches to decorate your backyardCourtesy of Amzaon

For the Mom Who Can’t Cook Enough

Milk Frother $12.99

It can be hard to find the one gadget Chef Mom doesn’t already have in her fully-stocked kitchen. This milk frother is the perfect accessory for the mom who has everything and deserves a nice hot latte as a treat.

A milk frother to treat your Mom with a made-at-home latte or cappuccinoA milk frother to treat your Mom with a made-at-home latte or cappuccinoCourtesy of Amzaon

Veggie inspiralizer $34.95

Don’t get us wrong, pasta is great, but for the health-conscious moms out there, a veggie spiralizer is a great alternative to carb-heavy spaghetti and fettucini. Plus, it’s fun to turn a squash into beautiful spirals for dinner!

Spiralize veggies for a healthy alternativeSpiralize veggies for a healthy alternativeCourtesy of inspiralized

For the Mom Who Is Plugged In

Portable Waterproof Speaker $41.95

This tiny speaker is easily clipped onto a keychain or bag, perfect for some tunes by the pool, while gardening, or anywhere your on-the-go mom can be found!

Make your Mom the perfect playlistMake your Mom the perfect playlistCourtesy of Amzaon

3D Pen from $79

The future has arrived, and it is in the form of a 3D pen perfect for crafty moms who love to doodle and create in a third dimension.

A 3D pen to create raised graphicsA 3D pen to create raised graphicsCourtesy of 3Doodler

For the Mom Who Is a Bookworm

Becoming by Michelle Obama from $13.86

The former First Lady of the United States shares her story of living and learning who she is from her childhood on the south side of Chicago to her days in the White House. A mom herself, her stories are both relatable and inspiring for any girl or woman looking to be the best version of herself.

Becoming book by Michelle Obama Courtesy of Amzaon

An American Marriage by Tayari Jones from $9.75

The story of newlyweds torn apart by unforeseen circumstances, this is a favorite of book groups everywhere.

An American Marriage bookCourtesy of Amzaon

For the Mom Who is Environmentally Conscious

Reusable Silicon Zip Bags 4 pack for $17.99

Disposable sandwich bags are out and these reusable silicon ones are in. Great for bringing her lunch to work (or packing yours!) these bags are easy to wash and even easier on the environment.

Help reduce waste by using silicone baggiesHelp reduce waste by using silicone baggiesCourtesy of Amzaon

Mesh Produce Bags  9 pack for $12.97

For moms who hate using all those plastic bags at the grocery store, they can shop healthy and guilt-free with these reusable mesh bags great for fruits and veggies.

Mesh bags can replace plastic bags at the grocery storeMesh bags can replace plastic bags at the grocery storeCourtesy of Amzaon

For The Mom Who Is Fashion Forward

Clothing Subscription Plans from Le Tote to Stitch Fix, Rent the Runway, and more there are so many mail-in clothing options that your mom can rent or buy to find her fashion fix. They take into account your mom’s personal taste and style and send new looks on a monthly basis!

Clothing Subscription PlansCourtesy of Upsplash @stilclassics

Kids’ Names Necklace from $32

A sweet, sentimental gift for a mom who is proud of her kids and wants them close to her heart even when they’re far away.

A personalized necklace for your loving MotherA personalized necklace for your loving MotherCourtesy of Etsy
Share your ideas below!

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