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New Plants vs. Zombies Games on the Way

Dive back in to the never ending battle between nature and the undead.

Jul 26, 2019

By: Noah Friscopp

Fans of the long-running Plants vs. Zombies games, be it the traditional strategy titles on mobile or the more recent shooter series Garden Warfare will be delighted to know that third entries in each series are on the way.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 3

We got word a while back that a new Garden Warfare game was supposedly coming out later this year along with a new Need For Speed game. While we do not have the release date, invitations to playtest the game during a closed alpha period are being sent out. This means that the planned launch of later this year is still possible, and the game is very close to being ready to play. Garden Warfare 2 included some new features like the backyard HUB area. It introduced new characters as well such as Rose and Kernel Corn for the Plants and Super Brainz and Captain Cannon for the Zombies. Who knows what sort of surprises are in store on the garden battlefield this time around. New modes to shake up the largely tower defense and wave-based gameplay of the first two games would be welcome. Is there a possibility of a battle royale mode? With so many games adding the ever-popular game type made famous by PUBG and Fortnite, I would not be surprised to see Garden Warfare 3 take a try at it. Who knows, the unique characters and setting might be just what the new genre of multiplayer games needs.

What sort of new characters and game modes could be added in a third game?What sort of new characters and game modes could be added in a third game?

Plants vs. Zombies 3

If fast-paced shooter action isn't your thing, and you are more interested in the more traditional tower defense Plants vs. Zombies experience, a sequel to Plants vs Zombies 2 is finally on the way with Plants vs. Zombies 3. The release date for this one is a little less known, however. The last game released way back in 2013, a year before the first Garden Warfare game came out, so fans looking to show the zombies who's boss will no doubt be looking forward to this one. It has not yet confirmed whether or not Plant vs. Zombies 3 will be free-to-play, but it will most likely be the case. The game is still in pre-alpha, which means it has a while to go until it is ready, but check back here when we learn more about it. 

Details on Plants vs. Zombies 3 are scarce right nowDetails on Plants vs. Zombies 3 are scarce right now

Where Else Could the Series Go?

With Garden Warfare, it became clear that the potential for this series is higher than the tower-defense game alone. Changing the game to a third-person shooter made total sense, with each Plant and Zombie getting different abilities that all make them unique and fun to use that has since become really popular in games like Overwatch, so what about a first-person take? What about a kart racer? Plants vs. Zombies could be made into any type of game at this point.  

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