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Nintendo Indie World Stream Announcements

Indie Games shine on Nintendo Switch!

Dec 11, 2019

Nintendo took to the internet yesterday to share a bunch of indie games landing on Nintendo Switch soon. Here’s the full list!


Sports Story

Sports Story is the follow-up to the unique 2017 RPG Golf Story where you step into the golfing shoes of a golfer with a big dream. It was one of the only RPG’s at the time that featured no combat, and instead, the action was all about getting better on the course. Sports Story takes the formula to the next level, introducing new sports like tennis and baseball, and continues the charming story that the first game did so well. There isn't a concrete release date for the game, but it is set to release sometime mid-2020


Streets of Rage 4

The 1990s saw a huge boom of side-scrolling beat ‘em up games, and the original Streets of Rage games were at the top. They’re simple to learn, but the variety of attacks and combos available to the player can keep the fun going for hours. Streets of Rage 4 has an all-new art style, with characters returning from the other games as well as some new faces. Streets of Rage 4 is hitting the Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 next year in 2020.



Gleamlight is a dark, yet charming platformer where you play as a small but tough character who can transform into a sword. The game looks a lot like the Metroidvania game Hollow Knight, but with the visuals of stained-glass. The most noteworthy feature of Gleamlight is the complete lack of a UI, with the correct buttons to press instead need to be learned and experimented with by the player. This game is arriving early next year.


Bake ‘n Switch

Bake ‘n Switch is a co-op cooking game, where you and your team of Bakers must defeat an evil Scourge, through the power of baking. It reminds me a lot of Overcooked, where a team of cooks must manage different stations in the kitchen, or in this case bakery, as new challenges and twists are being thrown at you in the level that the team must work together to overcome. Or you can sabotage your team’s creations and take home the spoils before the timer reaches zero. Bake ‘n Switch is hitting the Switch in Summer 2020.



Supermash is unlike anything I have ever seen. It is a game, where you mash two different genres of your choice and see what happens. You get the choice of platformers, action-adventure games, shoot ‘em up, Metroidvania, stealth, and JRPGs to play with and create the game of your dreams. You can also share your created games with your friends to see if they have what it takes to beat your game. It is unclear how many combinations there are, but the possibilities are vast and I hope we get to see some really unique creations. Create your dream mash-up in May 2020.


Talos Principle

The first-person puzzler The Talos Principle is hitting the Switch. You play as an artificial intelligence exploring strange ruins to uncover the secrets within. All while wondering exactly what your place and purpose is in it all. This one is available now.


Sail Forth

Sail Forth into a wide ocean of procedurally-generated islands of adventure that are never the same. You can customize and collect ships for your fleet, and even go up against other ships in big naval battles or take on sea monsters. But, often the biggest challenge you’ll face is the sea itself. Take to the high seas in 2020.


Dauntless for Nintendo Switch

Dauntless is a free-to-play action-RPG that puts you in the boots of a Slayer, a monster hunter that keep the dangerous beasts that threaten to destroy the world at bay. Dauntless has full cross-play support, so you can play with your friends no matter what console or PC you use. Dauntless is available to download in the Nintendo eShop today.


Murder by Numbers

Murder by Numbers is about an actress accused of murder. To prove your innocence, you must solve puzzles, gather clues and evidence, and talk your way through deep conversations with characters. Coming early 2020.


Oddworld: Strangers Wrath HD

Strangers Wrath follows the action-packed adventures of a bounty hunter with a bounty on his head. It combines first-person shooting with fast-paced exploration and platforming and is enhanced for the Switch with 60 FPS gameplay, gyro aiming and more. Oddword: Strangers Wrath is hitting the Switch in January 2020, and coming to other platforms later.



SkateBIRD answers the question of what would Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater look like if the skaters were birds. I’m sure the only ones who asked this were SkateBIRD’s developers, but I am sure glad they did. Carve up magazine half-pipes, and execute the greatest string of tricks you can in miniature parks made of taped-together cardboard. It is hard not to smile when watching this game, and it is releasing late 2020.



Liberated is the comic-book-inspired puzzler and platformer that sees the action seamlessly blend with stylized hand-drawn graphic novel sections. Fight, sneak, and solve puzzles as you take part in a layered story with characters struggling to get along in a world gripped in despair. It is hitting the Switch first next year, with PC coming after.

Liberated takes place in a dark, cyberpunk world.Liberated takes place in a dark, cyberpunk world.

Boyfriend Dungeon

Boyfriend Dungeon is a mash-up between top-down dungeon crawlers like Diablo and Minecraft Dungeons with the dialogue-based gameplay of a dating simulator. Except, you date your weapons. It is definitely strange, but has a charming art-style to back up the action and weapon romance? No set release date other than 2020.



Dreamscraper takes you to the battlefield of your dreams, literally. You battle nightmares in deep, fast-paced and strategic combat. During the day you build relationships with the people in the main character, Cassidy’s, life. At night, you descend into the darkness of her mind to fight off the monstrous versions of her Nightmares and explore the Dreamscape.


The Survivalists

Set in the universe of The Escapists, The Survivalists is the survival genre twist on the prison escape series. Mine resources on an open world, procedurally generated islands, build camps and weapons to ward off the threats that you share the island with. Coming 2020.


Axiom Verge 2

Axiom Verge was one of the best attempts at the Metroidvania genre when it released back in 2015. Axiom Verge 2 shakes things up from the dark, often nightmarish sci-fi setting with a much brighter look, and a new main character. Explore large interconnected worlds, battle bosses, and collect new powers this time in a reality that is constantly put into question. Check this one out Fall of 2020.


Share Your Thoughts

That’s it for this presentation. Are there any games you’re looking forward to? I was really excited to see Axiom Verge get a sequel. Let us know below!