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The Wonderful 101 is Getting a Second Chance

Over 1 million dollars have been raised to bring the Wii U exclusive to other consoles.

Feb 05, 2020

The Wii U is home to several unique exclusive games, some of which have gotten second lives on other consoles, but many have not. The list grows by one more, as developer PlatinumGames launched a Kickstarter for The Wonderful 101: Remastered and quickly met their goal and then some. You can soon join the Wonder Ones for an action experience like no other, now on more platforms.

The Wonderful 101 Wii U Launch Trailer


A Refresher

Our initial Wii U review of the game stated:

“The Wonderful 101, from PlatinumGames, is a solid action game that will satisfy those looking for a serious challenge with depth, rewards, and collectibles to spare. It offers a bright, colorful and kinetic world full of over the top mayhem that will keep your eyeballs and thumbs working in overdrive to keep up. The game rewards those with patience and perseverance with the early hours of the game being needlessly tough with little direction given. But once you've wrapped your head around The Wonderful 101 and get past the cumbersome controls, its true qualities start to shine.”

While the game never got as much attention as some of PlatinumGames’ other efforts like Bayonetta, Nier Automata and last year’s Astral Chain, it still has plenty of its own merits to stand on, and action game fans will no doubt want to step into its world of heroes and aliens. The concept of an action game where you control not just one character, but a miniature army of them, is a cool idea, and Platinum always delivers amazing action. The little gripes we and many others had about the game have a chance to be addressed, and getting games into more hands is never a bad thing. The game’s easy difficulty will be more, easy this time around, and the game’s interface is also receiving an overhaul to make understanding things a bit more natural for new players.

Take control of a mini army of heroes to stop whatever threats seek to harm earth.Take control of a mini army of heroes to stop whatever threats seek to harm earth.

New Platforms

The updated remaster of the alien vs hero action game flew past its Kickstarter stretch goals and is coming to three new platforms. The widely requested Nintendo Switch port is now a reality, letting fans take the action on the go and experience it at home. In addition to the Switch, the game is also being brought over to PlayStation 4 and the PC via Steam, so many more will be able to experience the game. Unfortunately, there is no sign of an Xbox One version of the game announced in the campaign, so Xbox exclusive gamers will have to sit this one out.

There aren't many games that don't feel great to play on Switch.There aren't many games that don't feel great to play on Switch.

New Additions

Since the game’s funding goal was hit so early, two more goals have been added to the campaign. The first is a side mode called "Luka’s First Mission", where you control a young hero on a side-scrolling adventure. This is a pretty big shakeup from the rest of the game, so it will be interesting to find out exactly what lies in store for this one. The second new tier is a remixed soundtrack, allegedly featuring a “secret special guest” from an artist that has yet to be revealed. All in all, I’m glad this game is getting another shot. As fun as the Wii U console could be, not many people ended up owning it, and its lineup of exclusives have been slowly making their way to the Switch and other platforms. Now if Nintendo would greenlight a re-release of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, the Wii U could officially be laid to rest.

Wonderful 101 features Platinum's signature over-the-top style.Wonderful 101 features Platinum's signature over-the-top style.
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By: Noah Friscopp