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Dreams Meets Virtual Reality This July

The creation sandbox by Media Molecule gets PS VR support.

Jul 03, 2020

Media Molecule, the studio behind endlessly charming platformer series LittleBigPlanet embarked on a new and ambitious project this generation with Dreams. LittleBigPlanet was always focused on players expressing their creativity to create levels, but Dreams takes it to the next level by empowering creators with a full creative toolbox with nearly endless potential to create full games, music, videos, and more. The game is getting a big update that will expand the possibilities even further, allowing creators to harness the power of PlayStation VR in their Dreams creations.

Dreams - PS VR Update



A New Frontier

With VR coming to Dreams, so too is a whole new heap of tools to help you create the art or game of your, dreams. The update is hitting the game for free on July 22nd, and to help get you started making VR content, Media Molecule is including new tutorials to help you ease your way into the new mode of creation. In the game before, you could sculpt characters and scenes with the DualShock 4 controller. In VR though, you can use the PlayStation Move controllers to sculpt in full, immersive 3D. Other full VR games have featured similar 3D sculpting, and it is always so cool to watch. The ability for existing Dreams owners to get access to this type of technology if they have a PSVR is so cool. The update will be a great value if you’ve already picked up Dreams, or maybe an excuse to finally dive in!

Dreams was already an incredible creation tool, but with VR the sky is the limit.Dreams was already an incredible creation tool, but with VR the sky is the limit.

Plug and Play

If you would rather just play VR, Media Molecule also created several new game slices to get you right into it. They made a shooting game called Box Blaster, and a Box Gallery that shows off the work of Media Molecule team members. Much like the original game, though, the best experiences will no doubt come from the community. It’ll also be up to the community to rate and share the best VR experiences, so you’ll be able to quickly jump into a quality Virtual Reality showcase fast. Dreams continues to impress, and even before VR, there were tons of really creative games, music, and all sorts of abstract art to comb through at the touch of a button. With VR, the possibilities for what creators can do is greatly expanded.

We can't wait to see what players create.We can't wait to see what players create.
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By: Noah Friscopp