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Nintendo Gameboy Advance Video Player from Majesco

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

Majescos new Nintendo Gameboy Advance Video player lets you watch your fave cartoons, like SpongeBob SquarePants, on your GBA! Get the details here. - Page 1

Do you know how much power a Nintendo Gameboy Advance has? Tons! To find out exactly how much, check out the poll on the right and see if you can guess. All that video game power fits into the palm of your hand and lets you play some awesome games, but Majesco has a bunch of mad scientists (no relation to Kidzworld's Mad Scientist) who are also cartoon junkies and they've just made something awesome - the Gameboy Advance Video! Gary's got the scoop on what this is, so keep readin' for the 411.

What is Majesco's Gameboy Advance Video?

Glad you asked! It's a system for playing videos, specifically the coolest cartoons on the planet, on your GBA. All you have to do is snag one of the cartoon cartridges, slap it into your Gameboy Advance, and start watching. You get about 45 minutes of full-color video on each $20 (US) cartridge, which gives you two to four videos.

What Makes the GBA Video Cooler Than School?

Well, there are no math tests for starters. Also, unlike the hurtin' black & white VideoNow toys you could snag around Christmas 2003, these things are skip-free, full-color, high-quality videos. And, you don't need to buy anything extra, just snag a cartridge and toss it into your GBA - you can even use your GBA buttons to fast-forward, pause and more.

Something About the GBA Video Has to Suck...

The biggest weakness about the GBA Video is that you're not going to have many shows to choose from. There's a bunch of stuff lined up for when the system launches but it's going to be a while before you'll be able to pick & choose the cartoon episodes you want to see. Also, at $20 (US) per cartridge, these things aren't totally cheap. It's a good price but, unless you're on the bus or traveling a lot, you're better off just turning on the tube.

What's the Final Word on the Gameboy Advance Video?

For cartoon fans who are sick of sitting in the back of a car, or on a bus, with nothing to do, this will be awesome. If you want the 411 on the starting lineup of cartoons - with your faves like SpongeBob SquarePants, Jimmy Neutron, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more - hit the link below:

  • Majesco's Gameboy Advance Video Cartoon Lineup

    1Way cool! I can't wait until I can watch cartoons on my GBA!!! Thanks :)

    Kidz Submit by:

    Nickname: smashkid01
    Age: 16
    Rating: 5

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