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Neopets Card Game: Mystery Island Expansion Set Review

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Get the scoop on the Neopets Trading Card Game: Mystery Island expansion set here at Kidzworld!

The Neopets Trading Card Game is taking a vacation with the Neopets TCG: Mystery Island expansion set! This 100-card set is full of tropical Neopets, island dangers, new villains, new heroes and four new kinds of Neopets. Here are the new Neopets and the scoop on how cool the rest of the set is.

Neopets Card Game Mystery Island New Neopets!

  • Krawk - These strong Dark Neopets are miniature dragons without wings.
  • Peophin - These Water Neopets are horses with dolphin tails.
  • Pteri - Air Neopets that look like brightly colored birds.
  • Techo - These Light Neopets look like gecko lizards.

    Neopets Card Game Mystery Island Tropical Fun

    There are some way-cool cards in this set. The Brown Mynci is a basic Neopet with 9 Agility that'll kick a lot of butt. There's also the Rainbow Pteri - an experienced Pteri that is Air, Dark, Earth, Fire, Light and Water all at once! Volcanic Eruption wipes out every Neopet, Hero, Villain and Equipment in a single Sha-zam! The Codestones are great too - play 'em as an Item and if you win they stick around as Equipment.

    Neopets TCG: Mystery Island Soggy Weather

    Tropical islands are cool, but when the weather gets rough it gets really rough. The roughest stuff about Mystery Island is that the four new Neopets are really ho-hum. The Krawk have decent Strength and the Techo have ok Agility, but that's it.

    Neopets TCG: Mystery Island Thumbs Up:

  • Collection checklists and free online Neopet items in each pack.
  • Brown Mynci - a basic Neopet with 9 Agility!
  • Four new kinds of Neopets - Krawk, Peophin, Pteri and Techo!

    Neopets TCG: Mystery Island Thumbs Down:

  • The new Neopets are pretty weak.

    Neopets TCG: Mystery Island Rating: 4

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