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Suspended From Everquest

Jan 03, 2019

Ouch, I got suspended! Here's why.
Ok, I logged on and my Everquest characters were gone, I called the GM's(Game Masters) to find out what happened and they say ask tomorrow. I got on Monday and the GM's wanna know 'Who's Tarx?' because Tarx's IP was the one that deleted the characters.

I don't think Tarx did it but he did log on as me (to try my characters) and here is what I think happened. He logged on as me. Don't know why but he leaves the comp and the character screen up. In comes his sister and she is like 'wow look at Jevitz's characters, I think it'll be fun if I delete them', so she does... poof they're gone.

Ok, so back to the story... The GM asked if I gave anybody my password and I don't want to get Tarx in trouble cuz sharing accounts is a bad, so I say no.. They keep bugging me about it and they already know that I had given my password out because Tarx's IP deleted the characters and I was at a bball tournament all weekend. So anyway, we are playing and then boom the message 'YOU ARE SUMMONED BY THE GODS' pops up. So we're stuck in this square prison room.

So me and Tarx are just sitting there with the GM and boom he tells us "You are being suspended for 7 days due to blah blah blah" and Tarxs "You are being suspended for 7 days due to fraud and blah blah blah.." So we are sitting there freaking out I tell Tarx to call me he does and he is freaking on the phone. So then the GM says 'call technical support for questions' and boom Tarx disconnects and then I disconnect and my account is suspended.

What do ya think, should we have gotten the boot just because I let Tarx use my password?

Kidz Submit By:

Nickname: Jevitz
Age: 12

Ok, I'm ticked. My friend was deleting his Everquest account and said I could have his gear. So, I'm over at his house and he has his computer on, and asks one of his guild mates to help transfer the gear and he says yes. My friend then goes to the bathroom, and the guild member approaches my friends character and says he's ready to transfer. With my friend in the bathroom, and having given me consent, I hand the items to the guy. I log off my friends account and log on my own to complete the transfer and the guy steals the equipment and logs off. Me and my friend tell the gm what happened, and the gm bans me thinking it's my fault. Me and my friend send numberous e-mails for 3 months, and I'm still banned. So finally I get a reply and they say they meant to let me get back on after only 3 weeks, so to try the next day. I try the next day, and next, and next, 3 more months go by, and I send many more e-mails. Finally I get a reply saying my account is permantely banned and deleted for violating some privacy code or something. Is it fair that i played the game for 3 years and it gets deleted along with all my characters for hitting a few buttons to help a transfer?

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