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The Emperor's New School TV Show Facts

Apr 14, 2016

The Emperor's New School is a cartoon set way-back in history - so far back they didn't have TV, not even in black and white! Kuzco, from The Emperor's New Groove, is the man, the boss, the Emperor! Then, suddenly, he's not. Why? Cuz the smart-alec hasn't passed high school! So, back he goes into classes, recess, lunchtime, homework, and, of course, bullies. Here's the 411 on this fun cartoon comedy from the peeps at Disney!

The Emperor's New School - Main Characters

  • Kuzco - He's cool, he's the man, he's... failing math! Kuzco's an arrogant, teenaged smart-alec who was diggin' his job as the Emperor until he got booted off the throne. Now he's scheming his way though high school until he graduates and gets his crown back.
  • Pacha - Kuzco's peasant pal, Pacha, is letting the ex-emperor crash at his place until he gets his palace back. Pacha's a totally reasonable and really friendly guy who has a wife named Chica, two kids named Tipo and Chaca, and an itty-bitty baby named Cuti who is, you guessed it, totally cute!
  • Malina - This A+ cheerleader is one of the hottest girls in school and she totally digs Kuzco. When he's down, she's there to cheer him up.

The Emperor's New School - Villains

  • Yzma - Say hello to one nasty, evil, mean witch! She's got magical mojo, a not-so-secret secret lab, and a serious hate-on for Kuzco. Her powers give her 100 different ways to make Kuzco's life miserable, like disguising herself as Principal Amzy!
  • Kronk - The lovable dummy Kronk looks more like The Incredible Hulk than a high-school student! He was the star of the hilarious movie, Kronk's New Groove, but now he's back to being Kuzco's arch-rival and Yzma's henchman.

The Emperor's New School - Fun Facts

  • Kuzco's high school is called the Kuzco Academy cuz he paid for it back when he was the Emperor.
  • Kronk isn't just a meat-head goon, he's also a master cook!
  • In Kronk's New Groove, Yzma got turned into a cat by a magic curse but she's all better now.

The Emperor's New School - Quotes

"This is a special dipping sauce I made just for you. I call it "Kuzco's Special Dipping Sauce I Made Just For Him." - Kronk

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