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Kate Voegele Interview (pg. 2)

Jul 10, 2018

Sindy: Who has been the coolest person you've worked with so far in your career?
Katie Voegele: I had the chance to open for a bunch of really amazing artists at Farm Aid two years in a row. I got to play on the same bill as Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp, [KWLINK ]John Mayer[/KWLINK], Emmylou Harris, Wilco. The list was insane. I love all of these artists and it was so awesome meeting them and playing the show on the same stage! Those are probably some of my favorite people I've played with so far.

Sindy: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
Katie Voegele: I think more than anyone, I would love to collaborate with Patty Griffin. She's an unbelievable songwriter and artist, and she always blows me away with her music. Co-writing or collaborating with her would be incredible!

Sindy: What music did you listen to growing up?
Katie Voegele: I listened to a lot of stuff my parents were listening to like Carole King, James Taylor, Eric Clapton and Joni Mitchell - all amazingly talented and classic songwriters who I think really influenced my desire to do music and my writing style.

Sindy: What do you currently have playing on your iPod?
Katie Voegele: Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger; Mindy Smith - Long Island Shores; Jon McLaughlin - Indiana; Wilco - Sky Blue Sky... all amazing records by some of my favorite artists!

Sindy: You were attending college in Ohio, but left to focus on your music career. Do you see yourself ever going back?
Katie Voegele: I definitely want to go back to school at some point. I would love to get a degree in fine arts someday. I don't know if it will be at Miami or Ohio or not, and I have no idea when I'll want to go back, but at some point I'll definitely get back into it just to do something different for awhile.

Sindy: You have a song on the Kyle XY soundtrack - what are your thoughts on the show?
Katie Voegele: Kyle XY[/KWLINK] is a great show! It's really suspenseful and different from a lot of stuff that's on TV. It keeps you interested. I think those sci-fi shows can be really fun to get into sometimes. I can definitely see how you could get hooked!

Sindy: Do you have ambitions to act?
Katie Voegele: I definitely would love to [KWLINK ]get into acting[/KWLINK] at some point, but I definitely see myself primarily as a musician. If the right role came along, I'd love to look into it, but I definitely want to break into the entertainment scene first and foremost as a musician.

Sindy: What is your favorite movie?
Katie Voegele: Almost Famous.

Sindy: Favorite TV show?
Katie Voegele: The Office: Funniest. Show. Ever.

Sindy: What is the one item you never leave home without?
Katie Voegele: My camera. I HAVE to have great pictures from every adventure I go on!

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