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Kate Voegele Interview

Jul 10, 2018

By: Sindy

Kate Voegele has just signed to MySpace's record label and launched her latest disc, Don't Look Away. We sat down to chat about both with the up-and-coming star.

Sindy: You recently signed to MySpace Records and have since released your third album. What was it like to land this recording deal?
Katie Voegele: Signing with MySpace was such a cool experience for me. I basically got hooked up with them when Tom (yes, "the" Tom who is everyone's first friend) *laughs* sent me a message asking if I was signed yet. I was talking to labels, but nothing was signed at the time, so I responded even though I thought it was a fake message. I mean does Tom really even exist, let alone go on MySpace and send messages to random people? But sure enough, it was totally legitimate, and the next week I was out in LA meeting and showcasing for him. I was offered the record deal a few weeks later after showcasing for their partner, Interscope Records, and signed in the fall when I made the record. I was so excited because from the start I knew MySpace Records was different than other labels I'd been to. I felt immediately comfortable and I could tell I would be given a lot of artistic freedom there.

Sindy: What do you think MySpace has done for independent artists?
Katie Voegele: I think MySpace has made a tremendous impact on the ability of artists to succeed independently. The fact that people can post their own music for free and add friends who can turn into fans for free also has seemingly revolutionized self-promotion. I think it's so great that artists can use a tool like MySpace to get themselves out there without the resources of a label. It's a great springboard for anyone trying to get noticed.

Sindy: Can you tell us a little bit about what kind of music is on your new album, Don't Look Away?
Katie Voegele: Don't Look Away is a pop record, but it goes a lot deeper than the implication of the word "pop." The music has an acoustic rock feel to it, and the songs are all unique. It's not one of those records where every single song sounds the same and I wanted to make sure it didn't turn out that way. The lyrics are also not what you'd typically find on a young girl's record. They aren't predictable and they have a lot of depth to them. I wanted to make a record of music that was catchy and infectious to listen to but that also really had something to say that everyone could relate to in some way or another.

Sindy: How is the new album different from your past EPs?
Katie Voegele: The songs that are on the new album are more developed from a songwriting and production standpoint I think. My songwriting has really grown and developed over the last few years, and I think that's very evident when you compare this record to past EPs. I think the instrumentation and production is also more sophisticated in certain songs, which really adds a lot.

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