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Eddie Wehrenberg - D&D Minis World Champion Interview (pg. 2)

Jul 10, 2018

Gary: How involved are your parents in your gaming? Were they interested from the very beginning, or did you have to convince them?
Eddie: I'm fortunate to have such supportive parents. I mean, I got into the game because my dad plays so he's always been there to encourage me and help me improve my skills and play with me. Mom doesn't play, but she's very supportive as well. Between dad and me, we've gotten mom pretty educated in the rules of the game, so she can talk with us about the game.
I've loved having my dad as a role model and coach as I play. For kids whose parents aren't interested, I'd encourage them to share the game with their parents... talk about it with them, explain it to them, play with them, so the parents can see how much fun it is.

Gary: What's your favorite subject at school?
Eddie: Computer class or PE. I love to play sports, I play football (guard and defensive end) for my school, so I really enjoy PE... it gives me the chance to play and exercise during the school day.

And computer class is great because we get to experience so many different applications and really improve our computer skills.

Gary: What do you do in your spare time? Besides playing the D&D minis game!
Eddie: I guess, like most kids my age, I like to hang out with friends. When we get together, we do things ranging from playing sports or video games to eating tacos at our favorite restaurant.

Gary: Have you thought about what you want to do after high school? College? Career?
Eddie: I definitely want to go to college, but I'm not sure where yet. There are so many good schools in California that I could probably find one that would be perfect for me. But I've got some time to really think about it and decide which school is best for me. And of course, if I got a scholarship to a school elsewhere in the country, I'd definitely consider it!
I think I'd like to study business and go into sales like my dad. The entrepreneurial aspect of the job is really appealing to me. I've done a couple of small sales things - like selling leftover Halloween candy - that were really fun to coordinate and I think I would like to do sales as a career.

Gary: What about travel? Favorite place to visit? Place you'd most like to go?
Eddie: My favorite vacation destination so far has been Charleston, South Carolina. We have family in South Carolina and it's been a blast visiting; there are just so many fun things to do and it's a beautiful place to visit.
If I could go anywhere in the world, it'd definitely be South America; I'd really like to visit Brazil. Next on the list would be Italy and all over Europe.

Gary: Is there anything else you'd like to say to the Kidzworld crowd?
Eddie: I just want to say a big thanks to my mom and dad for supporting me in playing this game. And a big thanks to Gary Lane, the owner of Great Escape Games.

Gary: And a big thanks to you too Eddie! It was great talking to you. Congrats on your win!

Eddie Wehrenberg Jr. - World Championship Warband

Here are the miniature warriors Eddie used to win the world championship.
  • Werewolf Lord - This huge beast from the Unhallowed set was Eddie's leader.
  • Large Black Dragon - A powerful dragon from the Unhallowed set.
  • Large Shadow Dragon - A sneaky dragon from the Night Below set.
  • Thrall of Blackrazor - A mighty warrior with a cursed sword from the Unhallowed set.
  • Orc Warrior - Four of these warriors from Harbinger, the very first D&D Minis set!
  • Eddie Wehrenberg Jr. - D&D Minis World Champion

    Winning scored Eddie a custom-painted Icingdeath dragon trophy, some cash and a chance to get his very own miniature created and added to the D&D Miniatures game. If you're playing with your friends next year you might be playing with Eddie's creation!

    Click Here for the first half of the interview with Eddie.

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