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Brian Anthony Interview

Dec 05, 2007

By: Sindy

Brian Anthony is a singer/songwriter/producer whose latest single, WhatsitgonnaB? (I'm So Ready), charted at #2 on Billboard's Singles for Hot Dance Club Play! Kidzworld sat down to talk with this up-and-coming star - check it out!

Sindy: Hey Brian! How’s it going?
Brian Anthony: I'm awesome! I love Kidzworld, it's awesome!

Sindy: Wow, that's great! So how does it feel to have your track, WhatsitgonnaB? (I'm So Ready), be included in the DVD features of Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer?
Brian Anthony: You know what? I feel like the luckiest guy in the world! Fox has been great to me, so I feel really grateful that I get to be part of such a great film, and it's a lot of fun and people like it a lot. The DVD has sold very well all over the world, so I'm very happy about it.

Sindy: Cool. So tell us about your upcoming debut album, Bionic.
Brian Anthony: Well, there's actually a couple things coming out. The precursor to the record is my single remix package for WhatsitgonnaB? (I'm So Ready), the Fantastic Four song. That is an awesome project that has a host of the world's biggest remixers from Spain to the UK to the US to Canada. It's a lot of dance music and there are a couple of hip hop remixes as well. The album Bionic should be coming out sometime next year and that is a blend of hip hop beats with pop influence, and it's actually got an '80s pop influence with a bit of some really futuristic synth sounds, so it's a blend of a few different genres of music.

Sindy: When will it be released?
Brian Anthony: It's actually going to radio in a week, so I'm really excited about it. We're just getting everything together now and it'll be available for digital download on iTunes and through CD Baby and Rhapsody and other places like that sometime toward December, so it'll be a great Christmas gift!

Sindy: We'll definitely be puttin' it on our Christmas wish list! So why'd you decide to call your album Bionic?
Brian Anthony: To be in the music industry now, it's a very difficult place to be only because there's been a lot of major shifts in the industry, a lot of changes. I think people are trying to get used to the way things are going to be as opposed to the way things were. Just to be in the entertainment industry, it takes a really strong person and sometimes I feel like you have to be superhuman or like a superhero because it can be a little tough at times. So I thought of Bionic because my whole album has really strong hip hop beats and it's got a futuristic type quality to it. And I don't know if you remember the Bionic Man, the Six Billion Dollar Man? I thought of that and there's a new show coming out, the Bionic Woman, so it came to my mind. You feel like you kind of have to be superhuman to be doing this and the album lends itself to that title.

Sindy: You've previously called yourself the "DIY poster guy in the pop world." What do you mean by that?
Brian Anthony: I think that right now, independent labels are everywhere. Major labels are kind of consolidating and like I said, there have been major shifts in the music industry. I feel like a lot of rock bands are very DIY themselves - they tour themselves, they promote themselves - because it's an easy way to promote yourself and your band and your music. But on the pop end of the spectrum, it's typically been very manufactured and put together by major labels because these projects take a lot of money to promote. So now that we're in a different time in the music industry, I've delved into this thing that I feel like rock bands have done a lot of and been very successful at doing. I feel like now, more than ever, is an awesome time to be an independent artist, even an independent pop artist. I've started my own label, I'm doing it all myself, everything from the graphics to hiring and taking on new people to help promote the project, so that's kind of why I feel like the DIY poster guy cuz I feel like I'm doing it all.

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