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Billion Dollar Limited

A train carrying the largest single shipment of gold to the Mint is highjacked by crooks using a modified car. Lois gains control of the engine but the brakes don't work. The crooks get ahead of the train and change the switch to where a car with explosives sits. Superman spots the danger and prying up the tracks diverts the train back to the main line. The crooks then blow up a bridge but Superman rescues the train. Superman pulls Lois from the engine just before the crooks take it out with a bomb. Superman then replaces the engine with himself. The bandits begins to throw tear gas in the Man of Steel, which almost makes him drop the train, but he is strong-willed. Even under shots and tear gas, Superman continues to run, dragging the train, and he does so for miles, taking the train to its destination.

About Superman (Classic)

CLASSIC CARTOON: Don't miss the original cartoons that let the world see Superman fly for the very first time!